Columbus Short Detained in Texas for Public Intoxication

Columbus Short

Things are just not going well for this guy. Not only did actor and choreographer Columbus Short recently get fired from the ABC television show Scandal, he was detained in Texas for public intoxication on Saturday. TMZ reported that Short bought drinks for four hours at the Katy Trail Ice House in Dallas before becoming confrontational and created a scene at the establishment.

The actor left the bar without paying and began screaming at a security guard who approached him about bailing on his tab. Short then continued to rant and allegedly accused the guard of being racist. The argument was broken up by two off-duty cops who witnessed the disagreement.

Unfortunately, Short continued his anger toward the police officers and tried to instigate a dispute with them. Soon after, Columbus Short was detained in Texas for public intoxication.

According to People Magazine, Short was cooperative with the officers who took him into custody. This incident is the fourth time in just four months that the actor has had a run-in with the law.

Short’s legal cases include an abuse case from his separated wife, Tuere Tanee, who claimed that the actor threatened to kill her and himself with a knife in the month of April. She also filed for a restraining order against Short in order to keep him away from herself and their daughter, and to end their marriage of nine years. In addition, Short is facing a felony charge which took place in May after he hit a man at a restaurant. Entertainment Weekly reported that the victim of the incident is currently suing Short for $1 million and stated and has filed documents in Los Angeles stating that he was knocked unconscious.

Scandal producer and writer Shonda Rhimes decided to fire Short from the television series because of the drama surrounding the actor’s life. There is currently no word on any upcoming projects that Short will be participating in.

Short began his career directly after graduating high school with the traveling production of the Broadway show Stomp! Soon after, he choreographed Britney Spears’ In the Zone tour. Short began his acting career in 2004 with You Got Served, War of the Worlds (2005), and Save the Last Dance 2 (2006). He also made guest appearances in TV shows including ER and Judging Amy, and his big break occurred with his role as “DJ” in Stomp the Yard in 2007. Other notable movie credits include his portrayal as Claude Whitfield in This Christmas, Delfy in Whiteout (opposite Kate Beckinsale), Pooch in The Losers, and DJ Williams in Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming.

Actor Columbus Short was detained in Dallas, Texas for public intoxication after behaving belligerently toward a security guard and not paying his bar tab. Short has had numerous problems with the law over the past few months and even lost his job on the highly acclaimed show TV series Scandal. Short’s behavior and temper have been continuously worsening as well as his career. If he plans to make a comeback both personally and professionally, Columbus Short seriously needs to change for the better.

By Amy Nelson

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