Cory Monteith’s Mother Opens Up About Losing Her Son

Cory Monteith

Cory Monteith’s mother has opened up about the loss of her son this week. It comes just after the anniversary of his death on June 13, and shortly after his estranged father opened up last week. Ann McGregor admitted that it was only recently that she was even able to look at a photo of her late son.

Death affects everyone differently. The 63-year-old struggled to cope with the loss of her son and has only just acknowledged that there is progress. Just three days ago, she picked up the courage to look at a picture of Monteith after a year of struggle. Part of the ability to move on in her grief was the way Lea Michele, her son’s girlfriend at the time of his death, has dealt with everything.

During the interview, McGregor was unable to discuss her whereabouts and feelings on the night that the late Glee star died from the heroin overdose. She has also refused to watch the tribute that the show runners made, after deciding to kill the character off too. However, she does keep an eye on Michele and the way she deals with it all, as well as watching her on-screen love for her son’s character.

While Michele has managed to continue her daily life, she has never forgotten her boyfriend or his mother. McGregor stated that the two regularly email and text because they are going through very much the same feelings.

Monteith’s mother opened up about losing her son, as well as the drug addiction that killed him. The first time she caught him with drugs was when he was 15, and is something she believes started because of the feelings he was going through at the time. She acknowledged that some of it was because of the lack of relationship with his father, which is something he always wanted. The Glee actor wanted to know why his father did not want the relationship with him.

The late actor was only caught when he was 15 because he had overdosed. Shortly after that, the two took a drive and McGregor had a feeling that she would not have him for her whole life. Something deep down told her that he would die young, and she hugged him tightly because of that. He had almost died from that overdose at 15, and only survived due to a shot to the heart, according to his estranged father.

The Canadian actor was 31-years-old when he died from a mixture of heroin and alcohol. He was in a hotel room in Vancouver on June 13, 2013. On the date of the anniversary of his death, his Glee colleagues shared their tributes to him. Michele was one of those, making it clear that she will never forget him.

He will always be remembered by everyone who knew him. Many have shared how happy and friendly he was, and he would always put a smile on the faces of the people he met. This has been the first time that Monteith’s mother has opened up about losing her son and it is clear there is still some healing that needs to happen.

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