Daniel Radcliffe Sports ‘Horns’ in New Horror Flick [Video]

Daniel Radcliffe

It seems that Daniel Radcliffe can do justice to just about any role, and starring in Horns is no exception, where he literally sports horns in the newest of horror films coming out this Halloween. The Harry Potter actor steps out wearing his dark side and sporting horns in his new movie in which he wakes up after a night of drinking, to find he grew two horns.

What is more, he has somehow gained the power to get people to tell him their deepest darkest secrets, which is going to be a skill desperately needed for the tasks he has ahead of him. The plot thickens as the newly horned Radcliffe has to set out to clear his name in the rape and murder of his girlfriend, all the while hiding from family and friends of the dead girl. The power to get people to reveal their secrets is his only hope of finding the true murderer.

The 24-year-old actor states that this is completely different from any other role he has had before. It will be an extremely emotional movie and a bit on the crazy side. The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and will be released in the UK on none other than October 31, Halloween.

Daniel Radcliffe may be short in stature at just five feet five inches, but he is tall in talent. The trailer below is a study in a terrifying new role for Radcliffe. This is quite a departure from the wizardly role he played in Harry Potter. Many of his fans will have a hard time envisioning him in this new role that is as far as you can get from his previous films.

Soon to be 25, Daniel Radcliffe is the son of an Irish Protestant father and a South African mother who was raised Jewish, and began his acting career from a young age, performing in his small hometown school. In 1999 he got the role of a young David Copperfield in the movie of the same name. A few more roles came his way until he landed the role which will grant him eternal fame, that of playing the young wizard Harry Potter in 2001.

His awards and nominations are numerous. For example, he has been a MTV’s Kids Choice Awards winner, as well as winning People’s Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards and several more in the UK and Australia. His list of awards nominations is far too numerous to even get started on.

Now fans of Radcliffe will see the dark side of the actor in this Canadian horror flick, where he will sport horns, and which is based on a novel called Horns by Joe Hill and directed by Alexandre Aja. One look at the trailer below and fans will discover just how dark this movie is going to be, and how brilliant it was to place the young superstar, Daniel Radcliffe, in the lead role. If scary is what the fans want, then Horns just may be the breakout horror flick hit of the Halloween season. Daniel Radcliffe fans, just watch below and discover a whole new dimension of this actor to admire.

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Horns official video teaser trailer featuring Daniel Radcliffe

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