Dead Body Found on Gurney in Middle of Pennsylvania Street

Dead Body Found on Gurney in Middle of Pennsylvania Street

Pennsylvania drivers had to navigate around a strange object on Friday, a gurney that was carrying a dead body in the middle of the street. The Bucks County Coroner’s van was going along the 100 block of E. Street in Feasterville around noon when the vehicle’s rear door somehow malfunctioned. The corpse then rolled out the back of the van and onto the street very close to a shopping center. This is according to the coroner’s office

County officials explained that the coroner worker who was driving the van instantly realized what had happened and returned to the scene. According to media reports, a witness aided the driver in getting the body from the street. A county spokesperson stated that the van was going to the coroner’s office in Warminister, Pennsylvania when the episode happened.

The witness who helped the driver was said to have been Jerry Bradley, who lives in Bucks County. Bradley was reported as saying he noticed the gurney while he was sitting at a traffic light. He decided to pull over as other cars passed him by. He was shocked when he saw that the gurney was holding a corpse. Bradley at first believed someone was playing a trick. He explained that viewing the corpse in that manner was the most bizarre thing he had ever seen. He was able to push the gurney over to the sidewalk to get it out of the way of traffic. He also snapped a photograph of the gurney while it was still in the middle of the street.

According to media reports, the Bucks County Coroner’s Office strongly regrets what happened. They released a statement, which said that care was taken to respect the deceased individual in the case. The Bucks County Coroner’s Office deeply regretted such an incident and would take steps to make sure that something like this did not happen in the future.

The picture of the dead body which Bradley took soon went viral after he put it up on his Facebook. After the occurrence, he rang up a co-worker at the Feasterville alternative school where he is employed and told her what had happened. Since the event was so odd, the co-worker allegedly did not believe his story until she viewed the picture he took.

His photograph showed the corpse wrapped up in a white blanket and strapped down to the gurney. It was in the middle of the street. Only a day after the picture had been posted, it had already received nearly 1,500 shares but when he was asked, Bradley declared that he did not know for sure how he felt about the whole incident. He stated he did not know whether to laugh or cry but if that had been his loved one, he would have been angry.

The coroner’s office also stated the event happened because of a mechanical malfunction with the rear door of the van, and was not caused by human error. Regardless, an investigation into the event is taking place. That event was Pennsylvania drivers having to navigate around a dead body on the street on Friday.

By Kimberly Ruble


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  1. Ole Beau   July 13, 2014 at 9:02 am

    I bet you can’t count all the dead bodys found on Pennsylvania Streets.


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