Democratic Party Making Efforts to Improve Voter Turnout

Democratic Party

The Democratic Party has been making efforts to improve voter turnout for congressional and statewide seats across the U.S. through recent rallies and primary elections. Hot topics which surfaced included wage-increase demands, immigration reform and issues concerning women. Plenty of political debate surfaced between Democrats and Republicans as each side attempted to persuade voters to vote for the ideal candidate. The following reports explain how Democrats persuade voters in such states as Iowa, Texas, Mississippi, and Ohio.

A Fact-Check statement by, a local news station in Iowa, stated an ad sponsored by the Iowa Democratic Party aired on TV, and quoted U.S. Senate and Republican nominee Joni Ernst as saying she  is against raising the federal minimum wage. The statement further explains Ernst thinks each state has a different economy and cost-of-living, and therefore, each state should decide whether to raise the minimum wage, or not. Ernst is not for the “abolishment” of the federal minimum wage, but believes it is not a federal issue. The statement suggested Ernst’s words may be misconstrued among Iowa voters on whether she believes the federal minimum wage should exist, or not, but Ernst’s spokeswoman, Gretchen Hamel, reported Ernst does, in-fact, believe a baseline federal minimum wage should exist.

A story by of the NPR Digital Network in Texas followed the Democratic Party’s statewide convention which addressed nominees for governor and lieutenant governor, and also held a rally for the Texas Democratic platform. The candidate nominees included State Senator Wendy Davis, a democrat from Fort Worth, and Leticia Van de Putte from San Antonio. The executive director of the Texas Democratic Party, Will Hailer, told the platform for the Democrats contrasts with that of the Republicans, which is “very anti-immigration, anti-worker, and anti-women.” Hailer was also reported as saying democrats usually find a common ground while Republicans had been seen having “a crazy six, eight hour floor fight.”

Meanwhile in Mississippi, Newsweek recently reported a story on democratic efforts regarding voter turnout at a Republican primary runoff. Democrats had tilted the election in favor of incumbent Thad Cochran over Tea-Party favorite, Chris McDaniel. Tea-Party Republicans were reported as saying the electoral rule, which allows democrats to vote in a Republican primary election, “undermined the integrity of the process.” A change in the rule is unlikely, however, as in the past, republicans have been able to vote in democratic primary elections, Newsweek reported state Representative Rita Martinson as saying. Newsweek also noted many of the voters who showed up were black, and that Cochran’s campaign had even reached out to black voters to “expand the party’s mostly white base.”

The Democratic Party is definitely pushing efforts to improve voter turnout, and this includes women, such as those in Ohio. reported a recent statewide rally included a panel of women who spoke on women’s issues, including voting rights, equal pay, and healthcare. The rally also included the nomination of Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald, the gubernatorial democratic candidate.  The report goes on to add a response by GOP spokesman Chris Schrimpf , who said Republicans have been known for improving the lives of families since GOP took office in 2010. Although Schrimpf told FitzGerald is a hypocrite for paying men in his office more than women, included a report from the Dayton Daily News which stated current GOP Governor Kasich offered the same pay to men- only did so by two-dollars more!

By Liz Pimentel