Google Announces Orkut Shutdown


Google has announced it is officially shutting down Orkut. For many, it will mean nothing, but this was a social media platform that has been popular in India and Brazil. It has sparked anger in these two countries, but everywhere else will happily move on.

Orkut was the search giant’s first real attempt at social media. It was released 10 years ago, but never really became as popular as hoped. While India and Brazil enjoyed it, other countries moved onto other options, especially Facebook. Since then, Google has released its Plus social media platform, which has quickly become one of the biggest options, especially for businesses. It also has YouTube and Blogger to justify the reason for not putting in the effort to its older option.

The shutdown will take place on September 30, 2014. This gives people plenty of time to get their friends together and move onto another platform. There is the chance to share email addresses or phone numbers to make sure people stay in touch that way too. Until the date in September, all users will have full access to their accounts and there will be no adverse effects as the company prepares to shut it down.

While the news has sparked some anger, there is a genuine reason for the closure. Other platforms have grown in popularity much more quickly and effectively. There is no need to keep an older platform going, when it is more likely using money than making it. From a business side, it is a good for Google to finally announce the Orkut shutdown.

Those who do have photos that they don’t want to lose will be able to use the Takeout service. This will remain available until September 2016, so users then have time to back them up elsewhere or post them onto a different social networking site. New users are now unable to sign up for accounts, which makes sense considering they will lose those accounts in just short of three months.

Orkut is not the only Google social network site to see a demise. However, it is one of the longest running ones to finally be discarded. Some of the others have included Buzz and Friend Connect, which all failed to take-off and battle against Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. The one that has managed to take-off is Google+, but that is still not at a point where the social media giant would like it to be. Luckily YouTube is the second most common social media and search engine.

The current plans for the social media side of the business is still unknown. Despite Google+ growing, the man who oversaw the launch in 2011, Vic Gundotra, stepped down in April 2014. There is a growing concern that someone may not be able to take over where he left off and help the social networking site continue to grow. In a few years time, it could end up being another site to end up in the trash.

For now, it is possibly the best option for those who preferred Orkut. It is set out similar, and remains under the same company. Orkut users have three months to decide what to do, after Google has announced its decision to shut down the site.

By Alexandria Ingham


Computer World

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