Disney Characters Used Again to Show Problems in Society


Disney and other popular TV characters have been used again to show problems in society. This time, an artist has used the characters to highlight the concern for women living with abusive partners. However, rather than aiming towards the women to encourage them to speak out about abuse, the posters are targeting the men to think about the type of men they are.

Some of the characters used include Marge Simpson, Lois Griffin and Snow White, knowing that many of these will affect the men as well as women and families of the abused. While the Disney characters will call out to younger children, the use of popular animation characters like those from The Simpsons and Family Guy will speak to the men as they are more likely to watch the programs.

AleXsandro Palombo from Milan, Italy, decided he wanted to start the No Violence Against Women project. The best way to get the message across was by using popular women in TV, and the idea that many pretend that they are happy with their partner. There are more women who go through this than they like to admit. According to a British Crime Survey, there were 12.9 million domestic violence incidents in 2013 within the United Kingdom alone. Women’s Aid believes that somewhere between six and 10 percent of women will go through domestic violence on a yearly basis and a quarter of women deal with at least one experience during their life.

Disney and Marge SimpsonPalombo has used Disney characters in 2012 to show problems in society. The first time was in the Do You Still Like Us? project, which showed the characters with missing limbs, using crutches and in wheelchairs. The idea was to raise awareness for disabilities and the problems in society for those with disabilities. It was one very close to the heart for the 40-year-old artist, who only has one leg.

The Italian is not the only one to use the Disney characters either. Just recently, the brand’s princesses were used to highlight the problem of child abuse from family members. Ariel, Jasmine and Aurora were depicted with their fathers as a way to show how sexual abuse can come from those close to home.

Saint Hoax explained that the use of the princesses would help to target the intended people. Young children are more likely to related to the princesses, and will understand the importance of speaking up if something like this is happening.

The characters has also been used for fun and games. Back in 2013, photographer Dina Goldstein placed the characters in their not so happy ever after predicaments, and some of those did help to raise awareness for various problems in society. Rapunzel was depicted as a cancer patient going through treatment, while Jasmine was forced to fight in the Middle East.

Popular characters will continue to be used for art, whether it is just for fun or to raise awareness. Disney characters have been used again by Italian artist Palombo, as he tries to show for problems in society again.

By Alexandria Ingham


The Independent

New York Daily News


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