Downton Abbey: Season 5 the Best Yet

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Downton Abbey is back for season five, and executive producer, Gareth Neame, is already claiming that this will be the best season yet. The first promo for the new season also promised fans that things are changing at Downton Abbey and many wonder what this means for their favorite character.

Neame guarantees that season five has comedy, romance, and high-stakes drama. The characters of Downton Abbey will continue doing what fans love, but there will be a few twists and turns too. This season will continue to follow the after effects of Anna’s rape, and follow the story of Lady Mary’s love life.

Last season, fans were upset that Anna, one of the sweetest characters on the show, endured a brutal rape. The echoes of Anna’s screams downstairs, where no one could hear her, left fans with a bad taste in their mouth. After all, hadn’t Anna been through enough, with her husband, Mr. Bates, going to prison and her working all season to clear his name? Fans thought that Anna deserved happiness, and instead, she was forced to endure a horrific experience and is now dealing with the tension in her relationship with Mr. Bates.

Neame understands why fans were upset about Anna’s storyline, and stresses that the rape scene is not a huge departure from what the show does. Neame reminds fans that there are a lot of scenes in Downton Abbey that are also shocking. For example, Lady Mary looses her virginity to Mr. Pamuk, and then he suddenly dies in her bed. Matthew Crawley holds his brand new baby, and then ends up dead in a ditch a few minutes later. And don’t forget when Cora was pregnant with a son, who could have finally given Downton an heir, but she slipped getting out of the tub, and lost the baby.

Season five of Downton Abbey will also have some of the best guest stars yet. Neame will not confirm the names of guest stars, but does say that they are in every episode. Also exciting, is the news that Dowager Countess will have a bigger storyline this season, meaning fans will get more of her wonderful and brilliant one liners.

Fans will also get to watch as Carson and Mrs. Hughes relationship develops. At the end of last season, it was touching to see them hold hands at the beach. Neame confirms that the two are one of Downton Abbey’s relationships and he hints that he has always seen them together as husband and wife.

Perhaps season five of Downton Abby will be the best yet because fans will get to watch Lady Mary date and fall in love again. Neame says that he, along with everyone, just wants to see Lady Mary happy. Viewers were left wondering who Mary will pick to marry next, as last season ended with both Tony and Charles asking her to consider them. Neame says it would have been awful if Mary began dating again, only three episodes after Matthew’s death, but now that more time has passed, season five might find her more than ready to get back in the saddle.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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