Peaches Geldof Inquest Finds Cause of Death

Peaches Geldof

An inquest into the death of socialite Peaches Geldof has found the cause. Peter Jerreat the pathologist during the inquest found puncture wounds on her thumbs, wrists and elbows indicating that she was using heroin. He then declared that there was enough heroin in her system to kill her. Methadone, codeine and morphine were also found in her system.

According to the inquest there was also items used for taking the drugs around the home and under the 25-year-old’s body. The police allegedly found black tights that were knotted, syringes (with a mixture of with and without needles), cotton buds and alcohol wipes. This contradicts original reports that there was no drugs paraphernalia around the home found, originally used to believe that hard drugs were not the reason for her death.

The reports in the inquest also showed that the toxicity level of the heroin in Geldof’s system was 61 percent, compared to the usual 26 percent. This suggests that she was buying it from an upscale foreign market and may have been part of the reason for the overdose.

Thomas Cohen, her husband, gave statements during the inquest. He explained how he found his late wife’s body in the spare bedroom, where they would spend time in while the children were napping. During the statement, he explained that she had been seeking treatment for drugs and had repeatedly told him that her weekly tests were coming out clean. The musician now believes that she was lying to him.

While the inquest into Geldof’s death has led to the finding of the cause, there are still many questions. The first is the initial statement that there was no drugs paraphernalia found in the home, which led to the inquest in the first place. Sniffer dogs were sent into the home and still no drugs were found.

Another question is where those drugs came from. In May, police did agree that heroin was the likely cause of the socialite’s death and went in search for those who supplied it. So far, nobody has been arrested for this.

The inquest also found that the drug overdose was the “likely” cause. Her post mortem examination two days after her death came back inconclusive, unlike many other celebrities who have died from drug overdoses. There seems to be other factors involved, but they are not all being shared.

At one point, it was thought that her juicing diet was to blame. There is still the possibility that this played a part by weakening her heart, but the police and pathologist really believe that the ultimate cause of death was the illegal drugs in her system. It appears that the drugs led to the brain not getting enough oxygen, which led to it swelling. All other organs appeared normal.

It is a sad end to a sad tale. The TV personality’s mother, Paula Yates, died in the same manner. In fact, other factors in the death were mirror with one of the socialite’s children being in the home at the same time. Yate’s younger daughter was in the home at the time of her death in 2000. While the results are still not conclusive, the inquest has now found the likely cause of Geldof’s death.

By Alexandria Ingham



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