Eli Lieb Speeds Forward With ‘Zeppelin’ [Video]

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Singer Eli Lieb has been a performer in music for well over a decade, but many first took notice of him following the release of his single, Young Love, back in 2013. Beautiful, bold and moving, Lieb’s ode to the intensity of romance could have been done by anyone. However, it was different considering that when it came to the couple in the song, the two people being sung about both happened to be men. The openly gay artist is going full speed ahead on a path to fame with his new original single, Zeppelin.

Produced by John Feldman, who helped bring forth the debut album of current hot pop act, 5 Seconds of Summer, the catchy Zeppelin fits right with the sound of the season. While a gay romance is played out in the video, Lieb hopes that his music will relate to the love that all feel for that special someone; gay, straight or otherwise. “I believe everybody should express love how they know it and not be afraid of showing the whole world,” Lieb said to OUT Magazine, back in 2013.

The success of Young Love last year allowed Lieb to have his voice raised in a great way. In early 2014, he recorded a song, Safe in My Hands that was used in a campaign by Allstate Insurance for LGBT Pride Month. The campaign, #OutHoldingHands, had a clear message: no one should feel ashamed or unsafe when holding the hand of the person they truly love, no matter the gender.

Lieb wears his emotive heart on his sleeves for many of his songs, but it seems to be wishful thinking for now. “I’m very OK holding hands with someone in public, but I’m currently single,” he shared with Mashable, regarding the theme of Safe in My Hands. “I’m waiting for that right person to grab on to my open hand.”

Even if he is currently on the ride alone, it is still one that is going at full speed. It has been a long journey for Eli Lieb and things have not been easy. From the loss of his father at the beginning of his music dreams to bad relationships which nearly stopped the melody in his heart, Zeppelin is the latest chapter in a story that has finally started to get to the best part.

He is humbled not only for the adoration coming his way, but for being able to release music that all can jam to, all while staying true to who Eli Lieb truly is. He is grateful for the support he has received by staying authentic and hopes that others can find their way to living their best lives in the same way.

“I truly believe that if everyone functioned from a place free of fear,” he stated, “we could all make our dreams come true.” Zeppelin is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other streaming music sites. Check out the videos for the song Zeppelin and the Allstate ad for Safe in My Hands below.

Opinion By Jonathan Brown

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