‘Enchanted’ Sequel Gains Momentum at Disney


Fans of the movie Enchanted are overwhelmed with excitement as news has broken that an Enchanted sequel is gaining momentum at Disney. If Walt Disney Studios were to be known for one thing only, it would definitely be their animated movies, but every now and then, the studio that focuses mainly on animated entertainment will put out a non-animated sleeper hit that surprises audiences both young and old. Disney did just that back in 2007 when they released the now classic film Enchanted.

According to the latest report from Deadline and other accredited entertainment trade sources, Disney is ready to move forward with a long-awaited sequel to the 2007 hit. According to these sources, the movie will be directed by Anne Fletcher, an eclectic filmmaker whose most popular films include Guilt Trip and The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock.

In addition to the hiring of Anne Fletcher as the director, J. David Stern and David N. Weiss have been brought on as the lead writers of the high anticipated sequel. Stern and Weiss are mostly known for The Smurfs and Shrek 2 screenwriting credits.

What made the original film stand out from the rest among fans was the fact that even though it was a live action film, it featured all the best elements of classic animated films that people all over the world have come to know and love – including a princess herself as the lead character. Now that an Enchanted sequel is gaining momentum at Disney, fans are already hotly anticipating news of casting and possible plot points.

The original movie, which starred Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, Susan Sarandon, and James Marsden, was focused around the unique concept of inserting an animated princess, prince, and evil villain into the real world. Not only was Enchanted a hit among film critics, but more importantly, it was a huge hit among moviegoers, as it raked in close to $340 million total in box offices across the globe. Seeing how successful this original film was, many thought that a sequel was inevitable, but the fact that it has been seven years since the movie’s release with no sign of new sequel life, many people were wondering: “Why?”

Fortunately, for fans all across the globe, the classic Disney film is finally getting the sequel that so many fans have been waiting for. The question on the minds of fans around the globe now is, “Where does the story go from here?”

There has been no official word from Disney as to the specific details of the sequel, such as whether the original cast will return or not, particularly the film’s leading lady Amy Adams. Since the film’s release, she has been very busy with her critically acclaimed movie roles as of late, especially in American Hustle and The Master, among others.

Her co-stars from the original Enchanted have been keeping very busy as well. Idina Menzel is performing non-stop on Broadway (and is fresh off her hit movie Frozen), Susan Sarandon has always had a busy career, and James Marsden has dozens of projects lined up, including an upcoming adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ The Best of Me.

No official announcements have been made by Disney or any of the original film’s stars, but Disney has a proven track record of making surprise announcements as of late, especially with the buzz surrounding the highly anticipated Star Wars sequels they have lined up. An Enchanted sequel is gaining momentum at Disney and fans are hoping for confirmation about which stars will return for the new film.

By: Rebecca Savastio






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