President Obama Is Not Overreaching With Executive Orders


It is no secret that there are many people who are upset about President Obama’s latest round of executive orders. The Democratic Party insists that they should be allowed more time to work things through the congressional system to ensure that the laws created as a result of the orders are not merely overturned. Republicans have suggested that Obama has violated the constitutional limitations on the powers of the presidency, and has circumvented the law by invoking his powers. While both parties have valid points regarding the use of executive powers, it is clear that the president is not overreaching with his executive orders.

One of the most recent cases that has gotten attention from the president is the massive immigration problem that is facing the United States. In the past six months there has been an incredibly large influx of illegal immigrants; with some estimates reaching over one hundred thousand. While the reality of high numbers of illegal immigrants is nothing new to our borders, the fact that most of these individuals coming over the border are children has made this latest round completely unique. As such, it requires a new approach to stem the flow of undocumented immigrants.

Currently, the United States Congress has turned this into a partisan issue and Congressional representatives have been dragging their heels in order to use it as political currency in the upcoming elections. In just a few short days the lengthy summer recess will begin, and Congress will be unable to enact a plan even if they somehow manage to come to an agreement on this subject. Republicans seem to believe that President Obama is overreaching with his executive orders. They feel that the border security should entail merely blocking the ability of the travelers to enter into the United States through increased patrols and fences.

Democrats have expressed interest in modifying the path to citizenship as well as changing the judicial guidelines in order to help streamline the process. So far, each side has expressed their ideas only in context of their unwillingness to do anything to reach an agreement that would give the other side of the aisle any leeway.

Knowing this, President Obama has announced that he is going to begin to change immigration laws on his own, while condemning both parties for their unwillingness to act. While his powers are limited as far as his ability to make changes to the judicial system, Obama is going to change the prioritization system and attempt to provide the children with more resources while they await deportation. He knows that the illegal immigrants are trapped in a dire position, and he also knows that they are being used by Congress as political ammunition. He has answered the inaction of the Congress with action of his own, and yet he is still criticized for overreaching his office. However, especially since the health and welfare of children are involved, it is clear that he is not overreaching his executive orders in this case.

It would seem that he is being punished by both parties for not playing into the political game. In the strictest sense of the concept, President Obama is going beyond the call of his presidency, but only because there is no other way to help. In the end, it would appear that Obama’s dedication to upholding his Oath of Office has only earned him the ire of those that are supposed to be performing their duties to the nation. From that standpoint, it is difficult and irresponsible to criticize the president for taking action on immigration as well as his other executive orders.

Opinion By: Rebecca Savastio


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4 Responses to "President Obama Is Not Overreaching With Executive Orders"

  1. RichH   August 17, 2014 at 4:20 pm

    Repubs have a short memory when it comes to executive orders.

  2. HEWHOMUSTNOTBENAMED (@meddy90)   July 9, 2014 at 2:32 am

    Nobody likes a do gooder especially in politics. You either sell your soul to the devil so the sycophants can praise you or you do the right thing so they’ll berate you.

  3. Rich   July 7, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    Righties love to call Obama a dictator because of his executive orders. Ignorance is running rampant.

  4. futuret   July 2, 2014 at 1:56 pm

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