Eva Mendes Is Pregnant After All

Eva Mendes

It turns out that Eva Mendes is pregnant after all. According to her reps, she is seven months along. That means that during her February 2014 interview with Ellen DeGeneres she lied.

In February, rumors started that the actress was pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s baby. She was spotted at the airport, and refused to go through the scanners. Mendes explained on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that it was something she always did. The idea of walking through the scanners is creepy, and there is the issue of radiation. She always opts for the personal pat down.

However, she reportedly told the security staff that she could not go through the scanners because she was expecting a baby. The staff agreed and allowed the pat down.

While on the show, she brushed off the rumors, suggesting that there was no baby after all. It now turns out that she was pregnant at the time, but had decided to hide it from the public. It is perfectly understandable considering just how much of a public figure she is. She and Gosling deserve something to themselves for a short time. They have managed to hide the pregnancy for seven months until finally admitting the truth.

There have been other signs that Mendes was pregnancy after all. One of those was back in April 2014 when she finally put her home with ex George Gargurevich on the market. Despite splitting up in 2010, neither decided what they wanted to do with this property. It seems like she wanted to get it out of the way so she and Gosling had the best chance at a fresh start with this new baby.

There are now questions about whether the two will be getting married. It seems like the “expected” thing to do, but the celebrity couple does not opt for the “expected” thing all the time. In fact, Mendes’ friends have hinted that marriage is no likely on the table, at least for now. She loves Gosling, but loves being independent at the same time. It also seems like Gosling is not the marrying kind, and does not see the need to change the dynamic the two already have.

While some will argue the lack of marriage makes it easier to just split up, even with a child. Others argue that couples do not need a piece of paper to show that they love each other. If they are happy and can still offer a stable and loving home for their child, then is there really a problem?

The two do seem extremely happy with each other, and have enjoyed their time out of the public eye. They have brushed off pregnancy rumors, despite them being true, and just gotten on with their lives together.

This will be an exciting time for both. It is their first child together, and they will go through all the normal new parent worries, fears and fun. There is just around two months to go until it all happens, as it turns out that Mendes is pregnant after all.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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