Facebook Verified Pages Scam Warning

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There is a new scam warning out concerning verifying Facebook pages. The scam involves an account set up called Verified Page, and asks for those with official pages on the social media site to verify theirs. The idea of verifying a page is legitimate, but it should only be completed through the official site.

It is certainly not a new scam, but it is now affecting some bigger businesses that have fallen for it. The scam has also involved an account called Facebook Security Page, but the nature is still the same. Other accounts include Page Verified and Page Verifier. The account holders take over the full page and can then delete it or use it for their own personal gain. The pages are not handed back to the original owners, and there is no way of getting the pages back.

Freshome was the latest company to fall victim to the scam. Those running the company’s social media page agreed for Verified Page to take over the account, believing that it meant Facebook was finally getting around to legitimately verifying the page. The architectural and interior design magazine later reported that it has now lost its page, and will need to start from the beginning. There were over one million people following the page, and it seems the whole page has been deleted. Trying to get to the page just leads to the main home page for the social media site. The company wrote a note to the social networking sites and did eventually get its page back.

Freshome explained the problem in a blog post believing that others need to be warned about the Facebook page verifying scam. The company wants to avoid anyone else falling for it.

It certainly seems that a lot of people have received messages lately. The help pages for the social media giant are full of questions regarding these messages asking to approve someone taking over the page.

Freshome’s scammer seemed to have a change of heart. The scammer messaged the company and stated that he/she wanted to give the page back realizing that it was the company’s only business. There was a disgusting following up stating that the scammers do not damage people who do “work really hard,” indicating it could be a scam for other scammers out there.

There is a way to verify the Facebook pages legitimately. However, the social media site is very quiet about how it really does this. The main aim of verification is to make it clear that someone is who they say they are, and is mainly used for celebrities and government officials. Unfortunately, a lot of people set up fan pages but pretend to be their celebrity crush, or they may try to defame government officials by pretending to be them. Verified pages will have a blue circle with a white tick indicating that the social media giant has checked that it is the real person.

It is always important to watch out for scammers and hackers. They can attack at any moment, and now seem to just want to delete pages to destroy businesses. Freshome is warning everyone to watch out for this current Facebook scam to verify the pages.

By Alexandria Ingham