FIFA World Cup: Brazil Crash Out 3-0 Against Netherlands


The host nation of Brazil was further embarrassed in the third place match of the World Cup when they lost 3-0 to The Netherlands. It was another disgraceful defensive performance from the hosts with the first goal coming in only the third minute. Now that the event the entire country expected to win is over all that’s left is to ask ‘Where do we go from here?’

The Netherlands came out much more prepared and showed that they wanted to go out of the 2014 World Cup with a win, and the same cannot be said for Brazil. Only about 90 seconds into the match Thiago Silva made a thoughtless challenge on Arjen Robben pulling him down in the box when he was right on goal. Silva was incredibly lucky to not be given a red card and to only receive a yellow. Robin Van Persie took the penalty and put it just above the reach of Julio Cesar making it an uphill battle for Brazil right from the start. Unlike in the match against Germany Brazil was able to recover from the opening goal and created a few chances from crosses but failed to capitalize.

The second goal of the match highlighted Brazil’s defensive woes as David Luiz’s clearing header fell right to the feet of Dalley Blind in perfect shooting position. The Dutch man was able to finish into the top of the net and add to their lead. After the second goal Brazil looked a defeated side just as they did against Germany and for the rest of the match they were able to create very few chances. A controversial call went against the hosts when Oscar was given a yellow card for diving on a play that should have earned Brazil a penalty shot. Oscar most certainly made the most of the challenge but in the end it should have been a penalty and he should have never been given the card for diving. The final goal came right at the end of regulation when Georginia Wijnaldum beat Julio Cesar at the near post.

Over the last two matches Brazil were beaten 10-1 exiting the World Cup in embarrassing fashion. The hosts have to be wondering what the next step for them is after so much pressure was placed on them to win. To come in fourth place with two bad last performances is not how the nation that prides itself on football would have liked to end the World Cup. One big talking point will surely be the fact that the last two World Cups have seen Brazil abandon their attacking with flair ‘samba’ style of play. This is a nation that prides itself on their national team unlike any other and not playing the style that won them five previous World Cups is something that they will most certainly change. Talent will never be an issue for Brazil but they may need a manager that teaches them to play more as a team rather than as individual stars.

If Argentina were to lift the cup in the Americana Stadium it would only worsen the bad taste left in the mouth for the Brazilians. Watching their bitter rivals lift the cup on their home soil may be more painful than the 7-1 thrashing handed to them by Germany. The Brazilians, many of them who did not think it was a good idea to spend so much on hosting it in the first place, will now look at the entire competition as a giant disaster.

Brazil losing 3-0 to The Netherlands in the third place match ends what will now be looked at a disastrous World Cup. The Dutch deserved the win as they were far better prepared for the match even with the pre match injury of Wesley Sneijder. Brazil will now look to make major changes to how they run their national team in the wake of the 2014 World Cup.

Commentary by Max Petkevicius


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