FIFA World Cup Finals: Germany Will Win Fourth Tournament

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Germany will win their fourth FIFA World Cup with a victory in the finals over Argentina Sunday. After defeating Brazil 7-1, Germany has had an extra day of rest than Argentina who got to the finals with a shootout win over the Netherlands. With one less day to prepare and playing two hours plus the penalty kicks, Argentina will not be ready for a rested and determined German machine.

The Guardian Liberty Voice (GLV) writer who has covered Argentina since the start of the tournament believes that Germany is more of a massive team than Argentina. The writer believes that fact will be the downfall of Die Mannschaft. This writer could not be any more wrong. After the full 90 minutes are completed on Sunday, the writer will see a battered Argentine team in tears as the German players hoist the coveted trophy into the air.

If Argentina does find a way to keep the German offensive from unleashing a blitzkrieg attack, Lionel Messi must then find a way to score. Argentina will not want to have the game go to extra time and head to a penalty kick finish. Germany has demonstrated that anyone on the team is capable of being a scoring threat. Putting Thomas Müller, Miroslav Klose, ore Toni Kroos in a penalty kick situation to determine the winner would be fatal to Argentina. It will take more than just Messi for Argentina to win the final game tournament game against Germany, keeping Die Mannschaft from hoisting the country’s fourth FIFA World Cup over their heads. Every member of the South American team will need to bring the match of their lives to the final. A good tactic for Argentina would be to use Messi as a distraction. If the superstar could draw a double or triple team by the German defenders, it would leave other Argentinian players open for a shot on goal. However, getting a shot past Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer may prove difficult.

The real advantage that Argentina will have is a home field advantage. Normally, one could not say this about an Argentinian match in Brazil. However, after Germany embarrassed Brazil in the semifinal match, it is a good bet that the Brazilian people in attendance Sunday will be cheering for their South American neighbor, no matter what the differences between the two nations are. That would create the chance for a great number of fans from Argentina will be cheering with a great number of Brazilian fans. Estadio do Maracana stadium in Rio De Janeiro could then resemble a Seattle Seahawks home game with the 12th Man effect. A large South American fan base dominating the stadium could make on field communication between the German players near impossible.

With the extra day of rest after the scrimmage against Brazil, fans should expect the standard strategic offensive approach against Argentina. The defensive backs will likely hold the ball back, looking for that one German midfielder or forward that shakes the defense before making an offensive strike. Messi will find himself frustrated by this German attack and it could take the superstar out of his game. A frustrated Messi will likely frustrate the entire Argentine team, which could make for a physical match, which should give the advantage to the German squad.

While the world must wait until Sunday to find out if Germany will win their fourth FIFA World Cup, the match-up in the finals is a repeat of the 1990 tournament. The 1990 final in Italy matched Germany and Argentina with the European team winning 1-0. The two teams also faced each other in the 1986 World Cup final in Mexico, where Argentina pulled off a 3-2 victory. While Argentina has not won the tournament in 28 years, it appears that Germany has the better team going into the final match in Rio. With a German victory, it would be the first time a European team has won the World Cup in South America.

Commentary by Carl Auer

Discussion with Guardian Liberty Voice writer covering Argentina
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