FIFA World Cup Win Sees First European Win in South America

FIFA World Cup

Germany winning the FIFA World Cup makes it the first time a European country has ever won the championship in South America. It is a moment that will go down in history, but was certainly not the only historical moment to happen. The whole championship has been exciting and entertaining, even for those who do not usually like watching soccer.

Since the first ever World Cup game, the tournament has been held in a South American country seven times including this year’s in Brazil. Until now, a South American country has always won, with the host nation winning on two occasions. It was a curse that the Europeans believed they would always have to live with, but Germany has proven that it is possible to break those curses. Just because of this possibility, many European countries backed Germany for the win.

The team also made another historical moment, being the first win a unified Germany has seen at the FIFA World Cup. Before the final on June 13, it was West Germany in 1990. A year later, the Berlin Wall finally came down completely and the country was united as one.

It was a nail-biting ending with a 0-0 game all the way into extra time. The only goal of the regular game time was disallowed due to Gonzalo Higuain being offside. In the last few minutes of extra time, Mario Gotze scored the winning goal but it was certainly not over with Lionel Messi getting a free kick in the last minute of the game. It was well within his range, but luckily for the Germans he missed it, avoiding the game going to penalties.

The FIFA World Cup win saw the first European team to win in South America. Germany was also the reason for a few other historical moments. The biggest was the 7-1 win over Brazil in the semi-finals. That made it the first time Brazil conceded seven goals in a World Cup game. It was also the largest margin on goals ever in the World Cup.

After the game against Germany, Brazil went on to lose against Netherlands. This defeat was the first time the team had ever lost consecutive games on home ground.

The United States did not disappoint either. Tim Howard saved an amazing 16 goals in one game alone, and is considered one of the greatest goalkeepers around. Thousands of United States fans gathered to watch the game against Belgium, and were extremely proud even if the team did get knocked out at that stage.

It was not the same for England, who became the first team in 56 years to get knocked out in the group stages. Nobody turned up to welcome the players home when they landed just a few weeks after leaving for Miami for the first practice game.

This tournament has certainly been one of the most entertaining for many, with many records broken. Not all of them have been good, but for European teams that mental block has finally been lifted. Germany’s win in the FIFA World Cup final has led to the first European victory in South America since the tournament started in 1930.

By Alexandria Ingham



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