‘Fight Club’ Getting a Sequel

fight club

Fight Club is one of the most popular cult classic movies and books of the past two decades. The David Fincher-directed film adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s best-selling novel was released in 1999 to little acclaim. The movie was censored in many regions due to its supposed incitement of anti-social behavior and extreme violence. The Brad Pitt vehicle under-performed at the box office, but upon home video release it became far more successful, eventually generating $10 million in profit for 20th Century Fox. Now, fifteen years after its release, Fight Club may be getting a sequel.

The film and novel became popular for quotable lines and an ambiguous message about consumerism and masculinity, making it the perfect mix of an intellectual and testosterone-driven plot for a male audience. The infamous first rule of the eponymous fight club, “Don’t talk about Fight Club”, became a classic one-liner even to those who had not seen the film or read the book. Along with its cynical themes, the movie is also famous for its twist in the final act, adding yet another layer of substance for fans to tout.

As the popularity of the film and book grew, the story was largely considered a perfect one-shot – a scathingly accurate analysis of the modern American male. However, now the book is getting an unexpected sequel in the form of a limited-run comic book series that will presumably be collected into a graphic novel. Palahniuk changed his mind after becoming more interested in the comic book industry and community. The series’ art will be created by Cameron Stewart, who has reportedly chosen to draw the sequel in a fairly cartoon-like style in order to highlight the comedic elements and allow the density of the story to flourish.

Fans of the original are generally skeptical of the sequel as the book and movie, while having slightly different endings, did not leave much room for a sequel. A continuation of the story is certainly not impossible based off of the original book’s ending, but many readers saw The Narrator’s ordeal as finished. Causing even more curiosity and a healthy amount of skepticism is Palahniuk’s comments about exploring the character of Tyler Durden’s origins, mentioning that he may be an entity that has existed for hundreds of years. This plot development could fundamentally change what the plot of the original novel means and some fans are not happy about that. However, Palahniuk could just be building hype and readying a twist to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the reveal in the first Fight Club.

Many fans argue that there cannot possibly be any story left to tell in the universe of Tyler Durden, and they may be partially right. The choice of making the sequel into a comic book could be influenced by the relatively short length of the sequel, making the continuation more brief than a full novel. This could allow Palahniuk to release his vision for the rest of The Narrator’s story without any filler that might be necessary to complete a full-length book. So far, other than an announcement and a few comments from the author and illustrator, there is nothing definitive known about Fight Club 2, so fans will have to wait to see for themselves if the new release is worthy of its cult classic predecessor.

By Matt Isaacs

Rolling Stone
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