Tyrese Gibson Is a Sexy Man of God [Videos]

Tyrese Gibson Is a Sexy Man of God [Videos]

Tyrese Gibson is a musician, actor and model with a heart for the Lord. He has long risen above the concerts, movies and fashion industries that have given him a name. The popular star of many facets has been successful in film and music as he continues to elude a certain sexiness. He easily attracts fans from around the world and is simply rooted by his aura as a person. Tyrese is a deep thinker with innovative ideas and concepts, missions and goals, and is constantly emitting positive energy as a sexy man of God.

The 35 year old, originally from the Watts neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, could lay his talents down at any moment, as his bank account of $25 million could sustain itself for awhile. Tyrese has earned every penny to his name, but has to chosen not to rest on his laurels. He has a message for his fans and followers and is ready and willing to share his life, his experiences and the stardom he has earned as a platform for the hopeless.

Tyrese is a self-made man, who rose above the dire straits of street life in Watts and formed his own ambitions in life. He witnessed just about every scenario while growing up, but strived for higher ground. He could have easily succumbed to the pitfalls of circumstance and felt sorry for himself, yet the whisper of God had a hold on his young soul early on.

Breaking into modeling with his striking good looks with Guess and Tommy Hilfiger, Tyrese was a natural for the famous Always Coco-Cola ad. Things unfolded from there with his original music debuts and movie gigs. This talented, sexy man had much to offer and the world quickly appeared within his reach.

Tyrese Gibson Is a Sexy Man of God [Videos]Tyrese was offered roles in films and has starred in such blockbusters as the Transformers and the Fast and Furious series. He has never forgotten his roots or his will to offer a message along the way. Developing strong friendships with Paul Walker, Steve Harvey, preachers and teachers, Tyrese remains a sexy man of God. He regularly works out and takes care of his body, soul and mind.

Living through his own trials and tribulations, Tyrese is able to offer hope, instruction and encouragement in every day language and openness. He does not hold himself above others, but has achieved the platform to reach millions for the works of God. Tyrese is straight forward and candid and able to relate to the common man. Going through a painful divorce and now a single father, he can share a strong message to those who are struggling.

Tyrese is open-minded, but direct. He often addresses his Facebook fans with poignant reality checks, urging them to give up the excuses and lies that may hinder their growth. The hope beyond circumstances can cause a fire in the belly and start the process of healing and recovery. Tyrese is much more than a private, yet well known celebrity, he is out and about, and he is not afraid to tell it like it is.

Tyrese has a whole host of inspirational videos, along with his music videos. If you dare to be challenged, look them up on You Tube. He knows what he’s talking about. He has drawn the numbers and is in the position to be a witness to the world.

The author of How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind, Tyrese has proven that he is a sexy man of God. The strong believer, who is not shy about professing his Christianity, Tyrese has captured a listening audience with his charisma and talent. Listen and learn, he is only getting started.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon



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