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The premise is simple and yet thought-provoking and subjective, MTV’s new show Finding Carter is about a girl who finds out she is not who she thought she was. Every parents nightmare of having their child kidnapped is the plot of this new show, and one would think that the subject is already overdone, except that this concept flips it on its head. Kathryn Prescott stars as a teen girl who finds out that the woman she has always known as her Mom is really her kidnapper. She has always been the one of her group who has the “cool” Mom, and she and her friends set out to have some fairly innocent fun, by breaking into the park that houses the towns carousel. What happens when teens get caught breaking into the park? Jail and fingerprinting, where Carter finds out she is really Lyndon, who was kidnapped from her real parents 13 years ago.

Finding Carter

The cast is hot, and the mother/daughter relationship between Carter and her kidnapper Mom (pictured here) is a chemistry that has to be seen to be believed. The father is played by Alexis Denisof of Buffy and Angel fame, and he does another stellar job on this show. The cast overall is one that the viewer instantly takes a liking too, one where you root for the kidnapper instead of the biological Mom.

Carter is that character that has instant likeability by the viewers and within the plot of the show, including Carters fraternal twin sisters boyfriend. There are many twists and turns and the plot continues to thicken as Carter finds out more about her biological family, while covertly keeping in contact with the Mom she grew up with. She refuses to answer to her given name of Lyndon, and does not allow the family to try to guilt her into using the unfamiliar name. Having been three when she was kidnapped and is now 16, Carter is the only name she knows. ¬†Finding Carter is intriguing and one of those shows audiences just can’t stop watching, it is addictive.

Lets look at some of the other characters this show has to offer, and that starts with Carters younger brother, Grant. (Pictured below)  He grew up knowing he had a missing sister and that the family believed she was dead. Grant also believes he is her replacement in the family even though his parents are not happy when he says that. He is smart and sarcastic and is the only member of the biological family that has figured out that his newly found sister is keeping in touch with her other Mom. Viewers will love him on first sight.

Finding Carter

Not everything is sunshine and roses with the biological family, and the writers of Finding Carter are setting up the fans to hate the biological Mom, thus rooting for the kidnapper of the teen. The Mom is a detective with the local police department and through the years of searching, she has instilled paranoia within her family, and become overprotective with her other children. Add to that an illicit affair with another police officer whom she was ready to leave her husband for until her long-lost daughter re-enters her life and a plot full of intrigue is created. The premier of Finding Carter has left the fans lighting the internet on fire, and it looks as though this will be the next big thing on MTV.

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