Teen Girl’s Rape Goes Viral on Social Media [Video]

Teen Girl’s Rape Goes Viral on Social MediaA teenage girl’s rape has gone viral as tweets, pictures and videos swarm social media. The 16-year-old girl did not anticipate anything would go wrong when she was invited to a party with a friend in another teen’s home last month. What Jada assumed to be “just kids hanging out” ended up being the worst nightmare of her young life. This high school junior said she was raped that night and is angry that kids have been sharing her experience with their cell phones.

According to the alleged victim the teenage boy who hosted the house party offered her a drink of punch, which she now believes was spiked with some type of drug. Jada said she had no clue what took place until the images and videos surfaced on social media platforms. The teen said she had no control over what happened to her that night. She never told anyone to remove her clothing and do “what they did” to her.

Houston police are investigating the alleged claim. Jada’s mother has asked not to be identified but this young victim said there is no point in hiding because everyone has already seen her face and body. She said people have been texting her and asking if she is okay while others have texted to tell her she will be okay.

Her mother said no one deserved this, not her daughter or any other human being. She feels as if her child has been assaulted twice, online and inside the boy’s home. Jada is in pain and remains haunted by the constant reminders that keep circulating on social media. She is hoping the police will make an arrest soon.

Social media can be educational, entertaining and in this instance traumatizing. It has a way of highlighting success stories, humor and empowering messages but there are also situations like this where the ills of society prevail. In Jada’s case she was surprised to find out that social media was showcasing photos of her lying on a bed, passed out but fully dressed. Then other images showed her lying naked on the floor, but still passed out.

The accused rapist has taken to social media to brag about the experience while maintaining his innocence. His social media friends have joined the conversation and made light of the situation. They are posting photos from the night of party, circulating what could be considered child pornography and adding more fuel to the negative experience of this teen victim.

One Twitter user, also the accused, who goes by the twitter handle @WhiteboyLaflare tweeted several comments such as,

How is it rape when you had two months to say something but you ain’t say s**t until you get exposed.

That hoe forced, snitched and still look like a fiend from deadend.


Another Twitter user and follower of the accused who goes by the name @lowkeyitsmoe tweeted,

When they interview @WhiteboyLaflare they gone be like “So why did you record her” he gone be like * I don’t know I’m childish.

Twitter user @Southbank_taee tweeted,

@WhiteboyLaflare you ain’t rape that girl bro, she trynna you chu away from the block homie.

While others have taken to social media to make light of the situation the victim, who assumed she was simply accompanying a friend to a house party, is left embarrassed, hurt and angry. Jada said she was given a drink which knocked her out and as a result she was unknowingly was raped. She had no idea what occurred until kids began sharing her “rape” experience across social media platforms with their cell phones.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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5 Responses to "Teen Girl’s Rape Goes Viral on Social Media [Video]"

  1. Trish   July 19, 2014 at 10:15 am

    My prayers go out to Jada, may God grant her the justice she seeks. May her dignity and self worth be intact.

  2. mary   July 13, 2014 at 8:09 am

    could I have an interpreter for the tweets?

  3. untouchable4   July 12, 2014 at 6:45 am

    they gone do so much time it ridiculous, the police are gathering their evidence right now and as soon as they have enough evidence they gone lock them up for a very very long time

  4. Irish cowboy   July 11, 2014 at 5:26 am

    Every one there needs to be charged with sex crimes, drug charges, child porn, failure to render aid, kid napping, and may other charges…. Everyone that was at the party…

  5. Beverly Osborne   July 9, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    What a horrible store! !!

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