First Comes Love Then Comes Marriage Then Comes A New Wedding App

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With young love comes thoughts of weddings, and then the big decision of taking the next step and getting married. With today’s technology it was just a matter of time before the big day included the newest technology trends, and many have started to take advantage of the newest wedding app’s. Most of today’s tech savvy couples are already using on-line services for sharing photo’s and even sending e-vites, and now they can take it up a notch by using app’s geared towards interacting with wedding guests long after the reception is over.

These days there is an app for everything to do with weddings, from mini cams discretely fitted into the brides bouquet, to on-line websites that document everything from invitations and their RSVP’s, to photos that can be shared with guests. The bride can do most of her planning on-line, from picking out a style of dress, to following and tracking a work out regimen to fit into that dress. Most weddings can be almost fully planned via the world-wide web, leaving more traditional methods to document the reception.

WeddingIt used to be trendy to have those cute little disposable camera’s on the guest’s tables so that the happy couple could get some candid shots of their guests to commemorate the big day. Others rely solely on the photographer to document who came to the reception, and most do not get more than a few shots of people on the dance floor. Photographers are generally hired to document the happy couple, not their guests. Now a wedding app that is reasonable priced can be a part of the big day. Easily add the bridesmaids, groomsmen and guests to the app, and they can document their experiences through words and pictures. The bride and groom will have literally hundreds of photos they would not have had otherwise, as many people now mostly use only their phone to take pictures. This app will work with all of today’s technology, whether a guest has the latest iPhone, a tablet or an android phone, pictures can be uploaded right from the reception.

The lucky couple can create the app beginning with the telling of their story, how they met, when the big day is etc. They can then add who they want to share with, such as the wedding party and even guests. Everything can be managed from a hand-held device, or the computer and better yet, friends and family can share memories, photos and thoughts real-time as the vows are being taken. The day of candid shots at one of the biggest days in a woman’s life, is back and better than ever. Each table can take photos of each other so as to never forget who was in attendance. Also, it is simple to let the party goers know where to upload their memories. There is so much to do and think about, that this little detail could make for a stress free reception, and probably a whole bunch of super fun pictures.

If a full-fledged app is not your thing, another budget friendly way to get candid wedding pictures taken by guests is to establish a Twitter hashtag prior to the big day. Place a card on each table asking friends and family to upload to the wedding hashtag and when all is said and done, all the photos will be in one place. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes technology for a happily ever after.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

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