Glacier Skywalk in Jasper National Park

Glacier Skywalk Jasper National ParkThe wild west of Canada has always been an attraction for nature lovers from all over the world and now Alberta has a new attraction to offer, the Glacier Skywalk in Jasper National Park. This new attraction just adds to the existing beauty this stunning province has to offer by allowing tourists to “walk on the sky” and have nothing but glass between the tourists feet and the 918 foot drop to the bottom of a gorge.

Glacier Skywalk Jasper National Park
Lake Louise

Visitors arriving by car should definitely take advantage of stopping at Lake Louise on route to Jasper National Park. Lake Louise, known for its ski trails is also abundant with walking and hiking trails. It resides after Banff and before the next spot of civilization, Jasper National Park. The view of Lake Louise is spectacular as you stand on the edge of the turquoise waters looking out to see mountains rise in the backdrop. Parking lots are jammed with cars from all over North America who have all come to see the beauty of what lies in Banff National Park.

The drive up from Lake Louise to Jasper is about a three-hour trek, not that any visitor would feel its actual length in time. The views are too breath-taking to deny and the amount of stops one would take to snap one-in-a-lifetime photo’s make up for any time spent on the road. The drive up into the Rocky Mountains is a lifelong experience, never to be forgotten. Waterfalls cascading down mountains and pristine lakes of aqua nestled all around the winding roads are sure to leave the viewers speechless. All along the ride up and up, tourists should be camera ready to snap wildlife as they wonder so close one could reach out and touch them. Grizzly or black bears are all over the area as well as mountain goats, elk and deer to name a few.

Arriving at the Jasper National Park center, tourists immediately see the Athabasca Glacier right across the parking lot. Once there, tourists can buy tickets for various adventures as well as the Glacier Skywalk, or buy them in bundle packages. Tourists can do the Glacier Adventure where participants are driven onto the glacier itself. Tourists can buy overnight packages or just once as they arrive. Tourists can also choose between the Banff Gondola, a cruise on Lake Louise or the Glacier Skywalk.

The Skywalk is interesting with numbered way-points where the visitor can punch in the corresponding number in a hand-held device given upon entry and learn about what the tourists are seeing. More than a history lesson, the views from the Glacier Skywalk are awesome and the feeling of connection to the planet is priceless.

One thing tourists should remember is to dress appropriately and always bring an extra sweater or coat and make sure the proper footwear are at hand. Even in July, the top of the Glacier Skywalk in Jasper National Park is a chilly place to be. A definite bucket list contender for all nature lovers. A trip great for family, friends or even lovers wanting to connect under the loving arms of nature.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


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