Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Controversy Over Tickets

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

No event is without its controversial moments and that is happening with the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games due to the tickets. At first it was all about the balloting system, which saw many people losing out on tickets because of the high demand. The latest is over the inability to resell tickets and those who have misplaced or had tickets stolen.

The terms and conditions does state that tickets will not be reprinted. The reason for this is due to fraud according to the terms and conditions, and it turns out is due to possible duplicated tickets. Considering technology today, the reasons are draconian and ridiculous. Since tickets have barcodes that are scanned, it would be possible for the barcodes of the lost or stolen tickets to be blocked to avoid duplicate tickets ever becoming an issue.

Another problem that has arisen is those who have lost their tickets no longer knowing their seat numbers. Some may choose to buy tickets again, but there may not be consecutive seats available anymore. However, these people know that there will be the number of seats they need somewhere in the event. The only place the seat numbers are written is on the ticket. According to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games support, the team does not know anybody seat numbers because they are not recorded on the site.

Those who have lost or had their tickets stolen will be left out of pocket and unable to attend the games. There is nothing they can do apart from hope that the tickets turn up. There are questions over how the Games organizers would handle tickets that were lost in the mail on route to the person who bought the ticket. If reprints are not possible, it would lead to people never getting the item they paid for.

The tickets are not the only controversy with the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Travel has already been an issue for people travelling in and out of Glasgow. It seems to be worse than London locals experienced at the 2012 Olympics. Trains have been delayed and cancelled meaning commuters are late for work or late retuning home despite planning ahead because of the Games.

Special lanes have been introduced that are for Games officials only. There is a £50 ($84) fine in place for those who drive in the lane when they are not allowed to, but Police Scotland have still not issued any fines despite people using the lanes. It has brought the question of whether there was any point in spending the money to create these lanes, when money will need to be spent to get rid of them after the Games.

While the Commonwealth Games are expected to be good for Glasgow and Scotland as a whole, there have been some major problems. Many of the issues have not even been thought through considering the technology around today. For example, it would be very easy to get around the duplicate ticketing problem if tickets need to be reissued for whatever reason. It just seems like the officials try to make it as difficult as possible and are more interested in the revenue gained, leading to a number of ticket and travel controversies with the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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