Naya Rivera Rushed Into Her Marriage?

Naya Rivera

Did Naya Rivera rush into her marriage? On July 19, she married husband Ryan Dorsey in secret, leading to the question whether she knew that she was rushing into it and wanted to avoid a public affair. However, many celebrities now choose to marry in secret because they want their big day to be about them and their spouses, and not about their fans.

So why have the questions started about whether Rivera is rushing into marriage? Well, the date was actually for her wedding to ex-fiance Big Sean. The two split up just four months ago, and within that time she had the time to fall in love and decide it was the perfect time to get married. It is understandable that people believe that it could have been too soon.

The good news is that the Glee star did know Dorsey before her breakup with Big Sean. They have been friends for a “long time” before deciding to get married. They met four years ago and have been good friends since. It was shortly after the breakup that the two decided to give a relationship a go and decided that it was time to get married.

Friends and family members are shocked and worried, too. The 27-year-old told very few people that she was getting married so soon after her original wedding plans fell through. Most friends did not even know that she was dating again. It does lead to the suggestion that Rivera knowingly rushed into her marriage but did not want people questioning about it before it was a done deal.

There were many similarities between the actress’ wedding and her original wedding plans. She and Dorsey married on the day planned to marry Big Sean before he called off the engagement. The two were also in the same city in Mexico as her ex-fiance. Maybe she wanted to prove a point to him that she had moved on and show off everything that he was missing out on?

Some of the details and the big rush do lead to the worry that Rivera may still be on the rebound. Her relationship with Big Sean was a long and serious one. She would have needed time to move on. That is unless there was something going on just before she and Big Sean split. Nobody really knows when the Glee actress started dating her celebrity husband.

Hopefully the marriage will work out and she has not rushed into it without thinking. There are celebrities who rush into marriages and make it work. Kaley Cuoco got married just six months after starting to date her husband and they seem extremely happy together.

It is not like the two do not know each other. They have been friends for some time now, so they likely know about each other’s likes and dislikes. It is just very out of the blue and understandable that people are worried they have rushed into this without thinking. Is it possible that Rivera has rushed into her marriage and is really just on the rebound?

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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