Glee Gets Rid of Chris Colfer?


Is it possible that the hit show Glee could possibly be getting rid of one of its original cast members, Chris Colfer? According to the stars Twitter account it is, however, that remains to be seen. The young actor is not only a star of the hit show, he is a New York Times bestselling author, a Golden Globe winner, Grammy nominated singer and songwriter, and one of Glee’s biggest fan favorites. This is evidenced by his People’s Choice Award winning not only this year, but last year as well. Kurt Hummel, played by Colfer is a fan favorite and many a young gay mans role model, and the final season of Glee would not be the same without him. According to the multi-talented Colfer’s Twitter, he is indeed done with the show. His tweet on Thursday July 3, 2014  was simply stated (see below), however no verification or validation seems to be forthcoming, and it hardly seems possible that the show itself would not have made a statement if this were indeed true.

Chris Colfer

The 24-year-old actor has accomplished much, for such a young man, and his talents seem to have no end. He has become a role model within the gay community for his portrayal of a young gay man on the hit series Glee. His role as Kurt has been portrayed tastefully and truthfully with no hint of the more common gay stereotypes that have been seen on TV, and with Colfer’s perfect timing, the comedic value of his character is priceless. He won the Peoples Choice Award this year, and posted a video of himself dancing with his cat, as promised to his fans. The only place that this mind-blowing news is showing up is on Colfer’s Twitter feed, and no one seems to know if it is true or a cruel hoax. Some theories are already circulating that it is a publicity stunt, which makes no sense, or a hoax, and there are even rumors that the stars Twitter account got hacked and the tweet is not true.

Glee fans and followers will certainly be up in arms as this news spreads, and many will be heartbroken should it be found that it is indeed true. Colfer has won many awards since he became Kurt Hummel on the hit show, including two Peoples Choice Awards, two years in a row, a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor, he has been nominated for an Emmy, and is listed as one of Time Magazines  100 most influential people in 2011. His website is full of video’s and pictures from the Peoples Choice awards this year, and yet has no information what-so-ever on this latest tweet, that is bound to set the internet on fire. This lack of information could certainly mean that there is no validity to this rumor what-so-ever, and his followers certainly hope that it is not so. If it is true, this could cause a bigger stir than most any trending Hollywood story, as Glee fans are faithful and fierce, and will certainly not stand mute on something as big as a fan favorite being let go.

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  1. Tim   July 4, 2014 at 11:11 am

    You really need to keep up with things. Chris Colfer’s account was hacked as confirmed by his management team and Fox themselves. In fact it was confirmed merely half an hour after the hacker tweeted, and here you are writing an incorrect article 24 hours later.

    You need to do better research.


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