Glee: Stars Hacked Questions Raised


Last week, two stars of the FOX show, Glee, had their lives twisted in the weirdest way when both of their Twitter accounts were hacked. In today’s view of the world wide web, it is not that surprising when a celebrity has some sort of scandal due to social media, only to reveal that it was the work of an internet intruder. However, it is a bit questionable when more than one person, in this case, Glee co-stars Chris Colfer and Lea Michele, have some kind of social media security breach within the same week. In this case, one day apart. Coincidences will happen, but the question has been raised, is this all some kind of ploy for Glee’s upcoming sixth and final season?

The mess began Thursday when Chris Colfer was alleged to have revealed to his Twitter followers that he had been let go from the show “due to personal issues.” Within minutes, representatives of Colfer and FOX stated that the tweet was not true and that they were aware that his Twitter account had been hacked. “We love Chris and look forward to working with him again this season,” FOX said in a statement.

Colfer, who plays the openly gay Kurt Hummel on the show, played around with the strange situation as well. He had actually been in mid-flight while the “news” was released and sensed that he had missed “quite an interesting day.” “I’m just glad I wasn’t “killed by a fruit truck” again,” he joked.

Less than 24 hours later, Colfer’s co-star, Lea Michele, revealed some shocking “news” of her own that she was pregnant with her first child, a baby boy. The father was said to be Michele’s newest boyfriend, Matthew Paetz. Just as Colfer had done before her, Michele secured her account and issued the truth, making light of the issue by saying that she and Colfer “should have known better then to make our passwords the names of our cats.” Colfer helped Michele laugh it off further by bringing up his own Twitter-hacked message: “Apparently, I’ll be free if you need a babysitter!”

The strange breach of both stars’ accounts does come at an interesting time. Plagued with low ratings, stories of clashes behind the scenes with other actors, major story changes and the very heartbreaking loss of lead actor Cory Monteith back in 2013, the sixth and final season of Glee has a lot to prove. Not only must it bow out respectably to the fans who have stuck by the show since the beginning, but it must do so to the FOX Network itself. If certain things are to be believed, however, FOX does not seem to have a lot of confidence in the show.

It was rumored back in May of 2014 that the network only gave the show 13 episodes to wrap things up, eight less than a normal 22-episode season of any television series (season 5 of Glee only had 20, due to the sudden loss of Monteith). With many plot holes yet to be filled and major story lines still without proper conclusions, the once powerhouse show must pick up momentum and interest from the get-go, without any room for error. Pulling that feat off in half of a season seems downright impossible considering where the show left off at the end of season five.

Fans will note that Glee began to steer away from its focal point, the fictional McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio at the end of season three. A mass of new students and faces would come into the story, while many of the original New Direction members departed the school after graduation. Initially, Rachel Berry (played by Michele) had plans to become a Broadway star while studying at a fictional performing arts college in New York City. Her close friend, Kurt, would eventually find his way to the Big Apple and move in with her, studying at the same school while working as an intern for Vogue Magazine.

As time went on, however, things got confusing when nearly half of the cast gleeeventually made their way into that territory. By the end of season five, the show was completely focused on their lives in New York, dropping away the newer students in Lima halfway through the season. On top of that, Rachel would end up giving up on her New York dream to attempt to make it in Hollywood, while Kurt seemed to be stuck in a continuous fight with his long-term boyfriend (and eventual fiance). Glee ended up making a serious mess of things and in such a short time frame, one wonders if it can be rectified.

The creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy, seems to think that the show can do so and reclaim some of its former greatness. After taking some time off to work on the HBO original movie, The Normal Heart, as well as some personal downtime to deal with the loss of Monteith (his passing “kind of broke [my heart] a little bit”, he said to TVLine), he feels that he can truly put all of his energy into bringing Glee back to high praise.

“I’m sort of reinvigorated about it,” he shared. “It’s getting back to what I was initially interested in with the show, which was arts in school. I think people will like it.”

Perhaps the “hacking” of Michele and Colfer was truly a coincidence and nothing more should be said. However, by all Hollywood standards, any publicity is good publicity. This “scandal” of sorts will definitely shift eyes back on the stars of a failing show, as well as the show itself, truly hoping for one last hurrah in 2015. Many believed until late last week, Glee was mostly a comedy. However, who would have thought after all this time, they could pull off this much mystery as well?

Opinion by Jonathan Brown

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