Google CEO Larry Page Said Most Jobs in the Future Will Be Part-Time


One of the most concerning issues to laborers this day and time is the loss of jobs to computers and artificially intelligent robots. Recently, Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page said, due to this technology workforce shift, most jobs in the future for humans will be part-time, and that is a good thing. In a private event thrown by the venture capital firm, Khosla Ventures, Page stated that the notion that everyone needs to work frantically and for long hours to meet the world’s needs is simply not true. Page even stated that debilitating, unnecessary things happen because people work when they do not have to. He used the damage done to the environment as one example.

The Google CEO also suggested that everyone wanted to feel important, needed, fulfilled and have something productive to do. Therefore mass cuttings of jobs are not a solution. Page said that due to most individuals desire to have a little extra time off, the viable initiative is to split work between people to have more persons working part-time, similar to what Richard Branson is experimenting with in the United Kingdom.

Page described that there are enough resources for humanity in possession, so having more people work to get more simply for profit is counterproductive. The CEO related the movement of jobs to technology to the elimination of farming jobs. Page stated that 90 percent of individuals used to be farmers, now less than one percent of people are such. The CEO expressed his belief that the world is in the initial phases of the same occurrence with most jobs now being given to computers.

Page’s hypothesis of most future jobs being part-time was argued against by his partner, Sergey Brin. Brin stated that even though he believes that jobs will be given to machines, the need for human labor will not falter that much. Brin suggested that there will always be a desire for things that computers can not provide, such as movies, television programs, works of art and music.

The Google co-founder’s view of the future goes hand-in-hand with a recent report from economists who stated that over 200,000 jobs were added in June, but the number of hours worked decreased significantly. The Labor Department stated that in recent years the number of people who were working part-time that used to work full-time jumped from 275,000 to 7.2 million. The average work week is now 34.6 hours, according to a report from Bernard Baumohl, chief global economist of The Economic Outlook Group.

Google CEO Larry Page’s assertion that most jobs in the future will be part-time also coincides with another prediction made by economic observers that every person in the United States, even if they are unemployed, will have a base income. The theory comes from the prediction that as more machines take over jobs, companies will monopolize each other. This will cause the middle class to become more disparate and the majority of  money in circulation in the U.S. will not be circulating. Instead it will just sit in the bank accounts of the most wealthy. Therefore it will take a base income to keep the economy going.

Recently, Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page said, due to the technology of computers and artificially intelligent robots. the shift of the workforce in the future for humans will be part-time.

By Andres Loubriel


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