Google Nexus Rumors Heat Up

Google Nexus

Google Nexus rumors are heating up after LG denied it was making the potential Nexus 6 device. The company was expected to make the device considering it had made the previous two phones, the Nexus 4 and 5. The new rumors now suggest that HTC will make the new phone.

Of course, there is still no confirmation that there even will be a new Nexus phone. Right now everyone is speculating over pricing, specifications and release date. It is all anybody can do as Google is notorious for not announcing much about Nexus devices before the release date. It is annoying some tech people, but others want to know the rumors so they have an idea of the things to look out for.

Ken Hong, communications director of LG, has hinted that there may not even be a Google Nexus 6. He announced that Google has not ask LG to work on anything, or suggested that there is a new Nexus being planned. The Android Silver platform is another rumor but LG admitted that very little is known about that, too.

So, why is HTC now the rumored manufacturer of the new Nexus device? Part of it is to do with LG saying that it is definitely not, but there is also the fact that HTC is the manufacture rumored for the expected 8.9-inch tablet, which has been named the Nexus 8 and the Nexus 9 by different people. Its official codename is Volantis, and there have been leaked images of the expected device.

These leaked images have led to the Google Nexus rumors heating up. However, Google continues to remain tight-lipped about anything. The only announcement the tech giant had to share was that the Nexus line will not be discontinued. This was a worry for some after hearing that the company wanted to focus on the Android Silver devices.

It is difficult to tell whether the tech giant is going to release anything new at the end of the year. So far release dates are expected to be either in October or November. This would make sense for a few reasons. The main one is that it is after the likes of Apple and Samsung so there is less competition. It would also mean a release around the time of the sales, when people are looking for new technology devices. Tablets and smartphones are popular in the Black Friday sales.

All the features are speculations at the moment. The phone is expected to be a step up from the Nexus 5, but for the same price. The one thing about this line of devices is that they are affordable for all. It makes them extremely popular for people all over the world.

Eyes are on Google for the announcement of a new Nexus device. Tech publications constantly look for new signs and leaks, but it is important to take everything with a grain of salt. The rumors have proven to be false in the past, and they could be false now. However, the Google Nexus rumors are heating up thanks to LG announcing that it is definitely not making the Nexus 6.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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