Facebook Users Must Have the Messenger App


If Facebook users want to continue chatting to friends through the site’s Messenger platform, they will need to download the official Messenger App. It has been a requirement for some in various countries but will now be a worldwide need as the social media giant is removing the messenger function from its main app.

Many users complain over this. It means one more app on the phone, and that takes up more space. Why should people have to download multiple apps for the same website?

According to Facebook it is to make the Messenger app the most popular method of communicating on the go. The tech giant has received stiff competition from other app creators, including Snapchat and WhatsApp. While the giant was able to acquire WhatsApp, there are still many using Snapchat as an alternative. Some users will likely decide to use Snapchat only because of this move.

At the moment there is some confusion for Facebook users. They have the Messenger app, but they can also access their messages through the regular app. This is leading to some just using the main app for all their communications. Over the next few days, the company will remove the messaging feature from the main app to prevent this problem.

This will mean that Facebook users must have the Messenger app if they want to continue to communicate in this way. It applies to Android and iOS users. Those who use the desktop version will still be able to access the private messages as usual.

There are some benefits to the Messenger app. One of those is that a small circle pops up on the phone when there is a new message. It is much easier to catch it as soon as it appears but it is not intrusive. However, it is just an extra app when one that does everything would be enough. Some cynical people will find that it is just another way for the social media giant to make more money as there is another option for paid advertising.

The Messenger app does allow people to send text messages, make voice calls, send videos and even communicate in group messages. It does everything that people could do through the main app and can still do on the desktop. Everything just pops straight up on the screen to make it easier to see when there is a new message.

So far it has been a positive change in countries that have already been forced over to the new app. People have downloaded it and do use it. Most people use Facebook for communicating, both in public and in private, so it makes sense to have it there.

There are still questions about how this will affect WhatsApp after the acquisition of it. The two apps will end up working in the exact same way and it will likely lead to one being removed completely. Considering the fact that the Messenger app is the one that the company is trying to push, it is very likely that WhatsApp will be the one to go.

For now, users will be able to see their messages through the main app. However, this functionality will be removed soon. All Facebook users must have the Messenger app if they want to continue to use it on the go.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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2 Responses to "Facebook Users Must Have the Messenger App"

  1. James   August 1, 2014 at 8:55 pm

    Horrible move. Having to switch or open a separate app to view or send a message is ludicrous. Incredibally inconvient and much slower than current messenger.

  2. Christine   July 29, 2014 at 4:53 am

    Very well written. I do have a Facebook messenger but I also would like to recommend this app Photo4tune. Its features are awesome when compared to other chat apps! Must try it out on Playstore!

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