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iPhone 6

With Apple remaining secretive regarding the design and features of its upcoming iPhone 6, rumors about the new eagerly anticipated cool cell device are beginning to come together to offer a clearer picture. All those studying Apple’s big release are in agreement that the new iPhone will be larger. Several other interesting details have emerged.

Release Date/Size – Commentators have reached a consensus that two sizes of the iPhone 6 will be offered. The first, most likely available for purchase in September, will be 4.7 inches in length. A second version is anticipated to be 5.5 inches. The larger iPhone could also hit the stores in September, but some speculate that the release date could be sometime in the first quarter of 2015.

All those studying the new iPhone possibilities agree on the larger sizes. The “phablet” size between a typical phone and a tablet is the current direction of the market. Overall tablet sales dropped, albeit slightly, from 59 million units shipped worldwide in the first quarter of 2013 to 56 million in the first quarter of 2014. Further, phablet sales comprise 39 percent of the cell market in China and 43 percent in the rest of Asia and the Pacific Rim. Apple will likely try to capitalize on the current direction of the market when sizing its new offering.

Design – Most observers expect the new Apple offering to be more rounded at the corners and slimmer. The expected thickness of the new iPhone is a mere 7.1 millimeters. A majority of commentators also predict the device will have a full metal body.

Display – The largest disparity in predicting the features of the iPhone 6 relates to the display. Some foresee a curved display design and others predict the typical flat display. Commentators are unanimous that the new Apple offering will have higher resolution, although probably not ahead of some competitors. The 4.7 inch version will likely have 326 pixels per inch (ppi) and the larger 5.5 inch something more like 401 ppi. In contrast, the LG G3 model sports 538 ppi.

Given that Apple will probably improve the screen resolution but no exceed its competitors, the screen will likely have other features to attract buyers. One predicted feature on the iPhone 6 is the use of haptic technology which provides vibrations for each touchscreen area. The haptic technology could improve the product for gaming purposes.

Screen Protection – Most believe that the new phone will offer a sapphire crystal screen to prevent scratches on the display area. Samsung and LG previously gave a thumbs down to the sapphire crystal based on costs. An MIT study showed that using a sapphire crystal screen cost $30 per unit instead of the usual $3 per phone with a typical Corning Gorilla Glass screen. In all likelihood, Apple has engineered a way to produce the sapphire crystal screens for less in order to offer them on the iPhone 6.

iOS 8 – The operating system was previously rolled out in the WWDC. The main upgrade on the new system is health and fitness tracking through the HealthKit application. This application was developed in conjunction with the Mayo Clinic and will allow daily monitoring of heart rate and blood pressure.

Near Field Communication – This type of technology, otherwise known as NFC, allows devices to communicate with each other by putting them within close proximity, such as an inch or so. NFC could be used for payment purposes instead of a credit card or debit card. Although a possibility, adding NFC capabilities appears unlikely until retailers offer compatible technology.

Fingerprint Identification – the TouchID sensor is certainly a strong possibility for the iPhone 6. Adding fingerprint technology would fit well with the haptic technology on the phone. Given the haptic technology is a strong likelihood, the product will likely provide user fingerprint sensing as well.

Optical Image Stabilization – Most observers expect the newest Apple offering to provide optical image stabilization (OIS) to take into account phone movement when snapping photos. The anticipated thin design of the phone makes this feature difficult to offer, but most expect OIS enhancement as part of the new offering.

Many iPhone enthusiasts are anxiously awaiting the next version of their favorite device from Apple. The company has done its best to keep its design and features a secret, but enough leaks have occurred that observers are able to allow a consensus to come together regarding aspects of the cool new product. Hopefully, everyone will find out exactly what the iPhone 6 will offer in a September launch.

By William Costolo

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