iPhone 6 Rumors Phone Will Have Disappointing Battery Life?

iPhone 6

Latest iPhone 6 rumors are that the phone will have a disappointing battery life. While it is supposed to be better than the current flagship phone, the iPhone 5S, the battery life will just not be good enough when compared with competitors.

The battery life is already one of the major downsides of Apple products. Most people find they have to charge their phones after 24 hours of regular use, compared to 48 to 72 hours for many other phones. Of course, this is nothing like the traditional phones from the late 90s, where the battery lives had increased to a week!

There are reports that the two models of the iPhone 6 will have 1800mAh and 2500mAh. Thiat is much more than the 1560mAh batteries that their predecessor has, but will not be enough for the amount of power the phones use. The screen sizes are going to be larger than the iPhone 5S, so the batteries need to offer more just to keep the same battery life.

Not only are the phones larger, but they will also have better resolutions. Both are doubling the resolutions compared to the iPhones 5 and 5S, so the battery power needs to be better. With all that in mind, even with the increase the iPhone 6 rumors are that the either version of the phone will have a disappointing battery life.

Some users are considering jumping ship to an Android device. An Android with the same size screen as the smaller iPhone (4.7 inches), has a minimum 2100mAh battery. An Android matching the 5.5-inch screen size has a 3000mAh battery. Those creating phones for the Android operating system accept that people want longer lasting batteries. Customers do not want to have their phones on charge overnight or deal with turning their phones off or limiting use during the day.

There are benefits to the smaller battery, even if it means less power. The smaller batteries allow Apple to keep the devices small and light-weight. Weight is a complaint about some of the larger smartphones on the market. There is also the newer software and hardware to consider. iOS 8 is expected to be much more efficient and improve hardware productivity than previous Apple operating systems. That could help to see an improvement in the battery life.

One of the biggest benefits with the newer phone is Apple’s recent joining with Sapphire. The new working relationship is expected to create a device that is unbreakable, making phone users extremely happy.

Over recent weeks, usual fans of Apple have been disappointed by the first glimpses of the possible iPhone 6. However, it turns out that the glimpses have been unfinished designs, and some of the aspects may not be part of the final product.

There are still many rumors floating around. One of those is the expected date un unveiling, which is supposed to be September 19. September or October seems reasonable considering that has been when its predecessors have been released. It will only be then that customers finally find out whether the iPhone 6 rumors that the phone will have a disappointing battery life are true.

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