Madonna Does Jury Duty Albeit Briefly


Madonna, the eternal diva just had her brief brush with jury duty and can now rest with the fact that she has done it without even hearing a case. Madonna, who recently posted the lyrics of her latest track Messiah, after she posted a snippet of the orchestral recording, turned up on Monday for her tryst with jury duty at a Manhattan courthouse, albeit briefly.

Arriving dressed in black, the Vogue singer delayed the proceedings by 30 minutes, although the original schedule had already been changed to accommodate her arrival. Two court officers, an assistant, three policemen and two bodyguards formed the entourage of people that diverted attention from the singer as she arrived at the steps of the courthouse. Magnetometers were set off twice, after Madonna delayed security by wearing heavy metal chains, much to the chagrin of the other jurors on duty. While the singer was glad that she could be a part of it, most jurors and judges thought her presence would be a distraction, something Madge probably already knew.

The MDNA singer who turned up at the state courthouse on Monday was quickly dismissed after she was excused earlier in May this year. After her earlier reprieve in May, she finished her jury duty in two hours and was not questioned about any pending cases. Instead of sitting with the other jurors, the Material Girl spent her time waiting in a clerk’s office.

Explaining why she was cut loose from the role of a juror for cases that were heard on Monday, David Bookstaver said there was no clear reason for Madonna’s presence at the courthouse. The state court system spokesman said that there were plenty of prospective jurors for the day and that her presence would only cause a distraction in the jury selection process.

He did, however, acknowledge that with the pop star’s appearance, the fact that no one was exempt from jury duty was quite clear. He went on to clarify that her presence was not meant to be a distraction, but a reminder of civil duties. All said and done, the singer who did not really attend to her job, spent two hours in a clerk’s waiting room, meaning that extra officers needed to be stationed around here to avoid the paparazzi.

Speaking on behalf of the Madonna, her spokeswoman confirmed that Madonna did her service, albeit briefly and is now excused from jury duty for the Manhattan state court for six years. Madonna is not the only star who has served jury duty in Manhattan’s court houses. Known to be the home of many movie stars and political luminaries, people like Caroline Kennedy,  Tony Danza and Rudy Guiliani have doubled as celebrity jurors before.

While Danza, Kennedy and Guiliani actually participated in cases, “Juror Appreciation Day” has seen luminaries like Barbara Walters, Jon Stewart, New York Mets’ David Wright, Tom Brokaw and Sarah Jessica Parker preside over the fest in recent years. While this was no “Juror Appreciation Day” for Madonna it sure looked like she stepped out to perform her civic responsibility for jury duty, albeit briefly.

By Rathan Paul Harshavardan

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