Julia Roberts Plays Face Balls With Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts will be one of the guests tonight on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC and will play Face Balls with him. Other guests will be Andy Cohen from Watch What Happens Live and actor Ron Funches from the comedy TV series Undateable. Julia Roberts is a mega-star, continuing the week with another remarkable A-list celebrity.

Jimmy Fallon sent out someone to ask people on the street if they had seen the trailer for 50 Shapes of Grape yet — a totally fictional title — people acted as if he was saying it correctly, 50 Shades of Grey, making for some pretty funny remarks from some of the people. Nobody heard, or pointed out, at least, that the title of the movie was deliberately being butchered.

Jimmy Fallon and Julia Roberts will be playing a brand-new game called “Face Balls.” That should be cool! When Fallon plays a game with a guest star, it often is a highlight of the show and goes viral. Julia Roberts

Fallon started up a hashtag yesterday about #MyDumbFight and he said it was a Trending Topic within 15 minutes. One tweet was “In 6th grade me and my friend had a fist fight about whose dad was fatter.”

Another example Fallon said was “My brother and sister fought over a game of Scrabble that ended when my brother ate the scorecard.” Then, he mentioned one about when there was a fight between family members when one of them thought that the Little Caesar’s motto was: “Eats-a Pizza.”

Jimmy Fallon introduced Julia Roberts and said that she stars in the HBO movie The Normal Heart. It has received 16 Emmy nominations. Fallon tells Julia that his “baby just turned one.”
Julia tells him that she “has three kids, seven, nine and nine.”

Fallon says that “You have one of the friendliest faces I’ve ever met.” It reminds him of an Internet video, where a dog owner shows his dog, Achmed, a photo of Julia. Achmed acts very freaked out and backs away as if he is scared. Fallon tells Julia that the dog is watching right now. Julia leans forward, into the camera, and says “Boo!”

The Normal Heart is about the AIDS epidemic. Julia Roberts plays a doctor who tries to put together details about what sort of disease she is coming into contact with, realizing eventually that it is sexually transmitted, a form of cancer that compromises the immune system.

Jimmy Fallon and Julia Roberts will play Face Balls right after a commercial break on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

You and your partner will sit in your chairs and throw balls at each other’s faces. We will be filming it in super slo-mo. The balls are harmless, but are large, clear beach balls.

“I can’t believe that you’re going to do this.”

“I have loved you on the show. Please come back,” Jimmy says, throwing the ball at her face. Julia does not hardly react.

When Julia throws the balls at Jimmy’s face, he reacts quite a bit. Watching the videos played back in slo-mo was pretty funny. Finally, Julia reacted when Jimmy threw a ball at her, but she did not seem to like getting hit with it. It sort of squished her nose in briefly. She said something about “getting a Christmas card out of this.”

Julia Roberts

After another commercial break, Andy Cohen was the next guest on The Tonight Show Starring jimmy Fallon.

“The show is you chatting with celebrities drinking cocktails. It’s like Wayne’s World,” Fallon says.

Cohen talks about the show and how NeNe Leaks came in during one episode when the doorbell rang. Often, when the doorbell rings, a celebrity will enter, one which Cohen has not previously been told about. He also says that he has a book coming out The Andy Cohen Diaries, named after The Andy Warhol Diaries. It will hit the stores on November 11.

Ron Funches is really hilarious. His hair looks sort of like the band leader, Questlove’s, hair, so the first thing that he says that he is “not Questlove.” That cracks the actual Questlove up.

Then, he says “Smoking pot is my ‘Summer Thing.'” It’s also my ‘Winter Thing’ and it’s creeping into being my ‘Fall Thing.'”

“I just don’t handle stress well. It could be little things, like dealing with cops. Or seeing identical twins. It’s terrifying. Why do we deal with that? We don’t stab one in the skull. That’s what we do with demons and doppelgangers, Why do I always have to prove to a robot that I am not a robot?”

“I go up to a toaster and say, ‘Hey, prove to me that you’re not Craig. Turning bread into toast — that’s one of Craig’s favorite things.'”

At the very end of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC, Fallon ran down the aisles in the audience, giving out high five’s and hugs to some of the women in the audience. That is one of the nice things that he does that endears him to his fans.

Any Tonight Show on NBC episode that features Julia Roberts, especially playing a game with the silly title of Face Balls, is destined to become a classic episode of the series. Andy Cohen and Ron Funches added a lot of fun to the show, as well. What is more, Friday and the weekend are almost here — Woo-Hoo!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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  1. Kat Attack   August 1, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    Julie Roberts looks attractive. Jimmy Fallon is unable to slow down and have substantive dialogue. He’s a bouncy ball. If that’s what interests the 20+ crowd today, we’re headed the way of the Romans. Crash and burn baby. The aging among us can look forward to really bland and sophomoric entertainment. I think I’ll just kill myself now and spare myself the long painful decent into ridiculousness.


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