Julius Malema Claims ANC Is Trying to Destroy His Political Party


The African National Congress (ANC) ruling party is trying to destroy the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) political party, claims Julius Malema. According to Malema, the ANC is using similar tactics against the EFF party that are used against black-led political parties. Claiming to be aware of the underhanded tactics used by the ANC to infiltrate political parties, Malema said they would fail.

The direct strategy to render a political party dysfunctional would not work within the EFF party, Malema said as he was part of the underground structure within the ANC, who planned to collapse political parties in the past. Members of the EFF have recently become disgruntled with the dictatorship rule of Malema. Members are exclaiming that Malema is using similar tactics within the party that the ANC youth league used Malema was a member of the ANC. The EFF elective conference is due to be held in December this year, and according to members Malema is repeating the same underhanded tactics ahead of this crucial meeting.

Malema as a youth leader of the ANC used the political platform to voice his opinion and structures of power. Driving the youth to follow and promote the ANC party, Malema showed a successful followership during that time. As a leader of the EFF, Malema drives the crowds to support the new party and continues to call the party the “Working People’s Party.” Malema is renowned for his legendary arguments and his bullying tactics for attention.

While the ANC might not appear to be threatened by Malema, the leader of the EFF party, the apparent increase in corruption and failing infrastructure remains problematic. Malema seems well aware of the worsening situation of the country and the ANC leading political party who promise to deliver sustainable solutions to improve and grow the country into a prosperous one.

During last year, Malema  stated that the launch of the EFF as a political party would be  to contest the ruling party in elections. As a political party, the EFF promoted education workshops to inform and train its members on policies by using communism tactics based on a combination of Lenin, Karl Marx and Frantz Fanon writings. Malema said that, as young revolutionists, the party draws inspiration from the leadership of such regimes.

Supporters of the EFF party appear to understand the policies of the party and trust Malema to deliver on promises made. The procedures outlined in the EFF manifesto drive toward a socialist plan. The intention of land claims without compensation, nationalizing of mines and banks. While the conflicting material philosophy to implement socialist rules could benefit millions of underprivileged people, there is the danger of isolating South Africa from international investments based on the severity of implementing communist structures.

Since the opening of parliament, it is the insistent dress code of red overalls, and gumboots in parliament for members of the EFF and unruly conduct of its members will be the destruction of the EFF party more so than the infiltration of ANC members trying to disband the party. The dress code is in direct defiance to the ANC and etiquette rules established.

The ANC plan according to Malema to cause disruptions within his political party is another ploy to undermine the success of the EFF. While the ANC might not have a strategy in place to weaken the EFF party, the insinuations by Malema is another call to propagate a hidden agenda of dictatorship, power, and control.

EFF members pay a monthly fee to be part of the party and the millions of voters who contribute have done nothing but sing and dance to the tune of Malema’s promises. The EFF party is not progressive in placing workable policies into action but rather complain about the ruling party. It is widely whispered that ANC did, in fact, infiltrate the Congress of the People Party after their successful election results in 2009. The drastic decline in popularity during the May 2014 elections for this party is probably the cause of manipulation by the stronghold ANC party.

Perchance Malema’s claim that ANC moles are out to destroy the recent success of the EFF party is a call to try to create a threat to manipulate the governing body. The ANC threw Malema out of the party and renounced his membership a few years ago. Progressing to leader of a new political party, which is possibly founded on falsehood and anger, Malema favors dividing political structures by introducing outrageous policies. Julius Malema is aware of the operating policy structure of the ANC, and the claim of the ANC trying to destroy the EFF political party is another political ploy crying for attention.

Opinion by Laura Oneale

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  1. Henri   July 13, 2014 at 9:32 am

    Strange that this idiot use the Nazi salute.

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