Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Prove False Again?

Kate Middleton

It seems the Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors have already been proven false again. The current information from the royal family is that the wife of Prince William hopes to be pregnant by Christmas. That dispels all myths that she is currently expecting her second child.

Rumors started last week when an alleged close friend of Middleton shared that she was currently pregnant. This was the same alleged source who shared the news of the pregnancy with Prince George. However, many quickly brought up the news that the Duchess of Cambridge was the victim of pregnancy rumors just a few months ago. The poor girl just cannot catch a break.

She is not the first celebrity to be involved in pregnancy rumors. Khloe Kardashian explained recently that she was the victim of pregnancy rumors for six years, making her question whether she was fat and needed to slim down. It was also heartbreaking for her because she really wants to have a baby.

The royal palace eventually state that Middleton and the “close friend” Jessica Hay do not actually speak anymore. There would be no way for the school friend to be in-the-know, and right now the Duchess of Cambridge would only share the news with those who are close and she trusts.

The claims conveniently started shortly after a statement that said the couple were considering trying for a second baby. While it can happen quickly, it is very unlikely and can take a year for a healthy couple of fall pregnant. It seems the Middleton pregnancy rumors have proven false yet again.

The duchess would like to have a second baby, and there are possibilities that the biological clock is ticking. She is in her early 30s, when fertility can start to see a decline. However, she and Prince William are still young and there is certainly still time.

Bookmakers definitely thought there was some truth to the rumors. Overnight there was such a flurry that all odds were suspended. Many were betting that the royal couple would use Prince George’s birthday as a chance to announce a second pregnancy, but the bookmakers started to worry that they would have to pay out too much. Initially slashing odds, many bookmakers decided to stop allowing bets altogether.

There are rumors that the royal couple is trying for a second baby, but there is a difference between trying and being pregnant. They could well be trying and as the second inline to the throne it is almost expected for Prince William to be trying for a second child. While the threat of no heir is not as imminent as it was back in the 15th, 16th and even the 18th centuries, they are still expected by some to continue the tradition of having an heir and a “spare.”

Only time will tell whether the rumors were true or not. It is unlikely that the couple will announce a pregnancy before the end of the first trimester, unless like last time the Duchess of Cambridge is in hospital with severe morning sickness. For now though, it seems like the Middleton pregnancy rumors are false again.

By Alexandria Ingham



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