Katy Perry Has a Country Music Twin?


Pop star Katy Perry quite possibly has a musical twin in country music singer Kacey Musgraves. Recently, the two singers have been performing together for a few dates on Perry’s current summer tour. They also recently performed on the CMT network series Crossroads, where a country music artist performs with an artist of another genre. The Crossroads performance aired on June 13, 2014. Though they both have extremely different styles of music, it can be said that they are a lot alike in many ways.

Kacey Musgraves is a country music artist who debuted to great critical acclaim only two years ago. Her album, Same Trailer Different Park, was released and had become successful on the country charts. What sets the twenty-five year old apart from her fellow young country singers like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood is that her music is more in the traditional style a la Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn.

In addition to that, many listeners, and reportedly, even her grandmother have noticed that the lyrics of her songs are a bit too racy for country music. An example of this is her hit Follow Your Arrow, where there is a drug reference. For her performance at the Country Music Awards, that reference had to be censored.

What also helped Musgraves get noticed by the public was Perry’s praise for her song Merry go Round. In a post on Twitter, Perry claimed that the song was one of the most uniquely composed songs of that year. At the time the post was up, the country singer was in Dublin, Ireland and she quickly saw her Twitter account blow up with her followers talking about the pop singer’s praise. Eventually the two met each other and Musgraves even asked Perry if she wanted to record a song she was working on titled Follow Your Arrow. Perry politely told her that it would be best if she just kept the song for her own.

At the fifty-sixth annual Grammy Awards in 2014, Musgraves was among the unexpected performers and she wowed the live and viewing audiences with the song Follow Your Arrow. That night, she took home two awards, one for Best Country Album and the other for Best Country Song.

Some might claim that Follow Your Arrow is the country music descendent of Perry’s smash hit I Kissed a Girl. This claim might have to do with the lyrics of the song’s chorus, “Make lots of noise/ kiss lots of boys/ or kiss lots of girls/ if that’s something you’re into.” Whether it is or not, her music has gotten Katy Perry’s attention, which lead to her performing along with her country music twin for an episode of Crossroads, a CMT musical series.

The taping for the episode took place in Los Angeles at the Sony Studios in April and it premiered on Friday June 13, 2014. Both artists performed really well and looked stunning. Musgraves shined in her bejeweled satin attire, while Perry had a sparkling leotard, purple skirt, and had her hair colored green. However, the focus was on the music not fashion.

Soon after, Perry selected Musgraves to open for her on a handful of dates on her Prismatic World Tour in the U.S. and Canada. When asked about touring with the pop singer, the country starlet said that it is a great way of bringing country music to people who do not know or do not care much about it. She also says how much she respects Katy for being a great supporter of her and for country music.

When asked about Musgraves herself, Perry has brought up that they do have a lot in common. The Crossroads performance can clearly show her sisterly pride in the country star. So it would seem that Katy Perry indeed has a country music twin in her, and she quite possibly enjoys it.

By Andrew Cerecedes



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