Kim Kardashian Calls Beyoncé a Copycat on Instagram: Fans Go Nuts

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Did the feud between Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé just get real? Fans certainty think so, and are accusing the reality star of throwing shade at the hip-hop singer on her Instragam account. Kim Kardashian is getting blasted by angry fans, for the hash tags under a picture, which fans claim are a jab at Jay Z and Beyoncé for being copycats of Kanye West.

Kardashian posted a picture of West and Scott Disick on her Instagram. In the photo, West is wearing a black ski mask over his face, and posing with Disick. The reality star captioned the picture with the hash tags: “#ThrowbackThursday, #Lastyear, #StyleIcons, and #LordDisick.”

Many fans quickly commented under the photo that Kim Kardashian was calling out Beyoncé and Jay Z for being copycats, by pointing out that West started wearing a ski mask a year ago. Fast forward to this year, and Beyoncé and Jay Z are also wearing black ski masks in all their On The Run Tour promotional materials. The power couple also wears the ski masks onstage during their performance.

Fans were quick to comment, many blasting the reality star. One fan told Kardashian that she will never compete with “Queen Bey.” Another fan accused the reality star of being jealous of “Bey”, saying that Beyoncé can sell out stadiums, but Kardashian can only take off her clothes and “show that plastic body.” Another fan commented in large caps over 11 times in a row, blasting other commenters for comparing the reality star with the singer, saying they are not even in the same league.

The fans that commented and supported Kardashian were few and far between. There were over two thousand comments, but only a couple of fans agreed with the reality star that West did start this trend. Most fans seemed to agree that bank robbers were the ones who deserved credit for starting the ski mask trend. Some fans also requested that West wear the ski mask at all times in the future.

Surprisingly, Lord Disick, as he calls himself, received a lot of positive feedback in the comments. Fans wrote about much they loved him, and how sexy and hot he looks in the picture. Other commenters said they respected Disick for changing and being a grown man now. One fan took his appreciation to the extreme, saying, “Scott Diseck is the beat character on the show bar none. Die if you don’t think so.” It is ironic this super fan spelled Disick’s name wrong.

The media has always claimed that the feud between Kardashian and Beyoncé is real, but the two stars have always brushed it off as rumors. However, after the hip-hop couple skipped West and Kardashian’s wedding, many fans now believe the feud is real and are taking sides. Kris Jenner and West also added fuel to the fire, commenting in interviews that it didn’t matter to anyone that Jay Z and Beyoncé skipped the wedding. However, Kim Kardashian alluding that Beyoncé is a copycat on Instagram, seems to confirm that all is definitely not well between these two famous couples.

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