Kim Kardashian Publishing a Selfie Book

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It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian likes taking selfies, but the reality star is taking it to another level, and publishing an entire book on them. On a recent vacation to Thailand, Kris Jenner told Brody Jenner that Kardashian was working on a selfie book.

The topic came up because Brody was telling Kris how uncomfortable he was when he accidentally walked into Kim’s room, and saw her taking sexy selfies. Brody describes his stepsister wearing a see-through white dress, in a compromising pose, while her assistant was snapping pictures of her. Brody immediately ran out of the room grossed out, screaming, and cursing.

Kardashian was also shocked and immediately covered up and screamed, “Oh my god!” Kardashian said later that the sexy selfies were for her new husband, Kanye West, since he couldn’t be on the trip. In addition to the sheer white dress photos, the reality star also took pictures of herself in a nude bikini rolling around in the sand, and a picture posing on the rail of the yacht in a pink and blue dress.

After Kris Jenner said that Kim Kardashian was working on a selfie book, the conversation took an interesting turn. Kris accused Brody of having a crush on Kardashian and being turned on by her pictures. Brody quickly denied it and then called out Brandon, who was also sitting at the table with his wife. Brody claimed that Brandon was the one who always liked his stepsister, and even said that the two kissed years ago. Kris Jenner was shocked, and Brandon said it wasn’t true.

Kardashian has always taken a lot of selfies. Her Instagram page is full of snapshots of her posing everywhere. However, the reality star seems more determined than ever to capture images of herself in a book for her fans. Even Khloe Kardashian got into a fight with her sister about taking pictures. Kim accused Khloe for dating 50 rappers, and the Khloe said at least she was not a miserable person who takes selfies all day long.

Kardashian has also offered fans advice on how to take the perfect selfie. The reality star posted a link on her twitter, to her 19 million followers, about how to take the perfect selfie. Kardashian describes how a person should hold the phone high in the air so that the camera is looking down on them. The reality star says to know your angle, lighting, and work that duck face. Kardashian says she loves the duck face because it gives her cheekbones, even though everyone gets mad about it.

Kim Kardashian publishing a book on selfies might sound dumb, but it may be a smart move too. Social media is full of pictures of celebrities and regular people taking selfies. Loyal fans of Kardashian couldn’t wait to buy her video game. The same fans are, no doubt, going to go out and buy this book, and then practice taking pictures just like Kardashian does. Sounds like an easy way to make money.

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