Kristen Bell Makes Mary Poppins Political [Video]

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell has made Mary Poppins political in the latest Funny or Die video. The actress donned the outfit of the iconic role and made it clear that she could no longer work for the minimum wage. It just does not make a living wage once social security and other reductions are made.

The video will likely receive praise and criticism from different people. One of the biggest complaints is likely that Mary Poppins was used to make this political video. While childhood characters have been used to make various points, adding this political side could be too much for some. This is especially the case for those who do not support an increase in the minimum wage for various reasons.

During the video, Bell sings how just a $3 increase will make a living wage. She pretends to be on a podium as if speaking out like a politician and wears a badge in support. Some of this does link to the iconic movie, which involved Mrs. Banks fighting for equality for women as she was a suffragette.

Many aspects of the original Disney movie are involved throughout. One of the main aspects is the use of the tune A Spoonful of Sugar. Instead of encouraging children to clean their rooms and take their medicine, the Frozen actress informs the children why she is leaving their home as the nanny for good.

Bell even makes Mary Poppins on different sides of the political debate. The part of the reflection doing her own part is involved, with the mirror image taking the Republican view.

Even the cartoon penguins show up from the original movie. This time the family of penguins is struggling financially, leading to the dad taking a second job just to put food on the table. That then leads to arguments, the parents smoking and the children not having a very stable home.

The whole point of the video has been to point out the problems with minimum wage being so low. After all, Bell points out in the song that just $3 more an hour will make the wage liveable.

The problem is those companies that need to afford the extra $3. While it seems like a small amount for one person, some companies have a large number of employees to pay. The current minimum wage may be a stretch enough, and it could lead to job losses should the minimum wage increase. That $3 extra per hour is $21 extra for a seven hour shift. If someone was working 30 hours a week it is an extra $90 per person that employers need to find. Not all will be able to do that.

Using Mary Poppins to put the point of the poverty line across is an excellent option because it will attract more people. However, there will likely be some criticism, especially from those against the raise for various reasons. Others will also complain that yet another childhood favorite is being used to get a political message across. They will not be happy that Bell has made Mary Poppins political, even if she does have a good voice.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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