Jimmy Fallon and Morgan Freeman Inhale on Tonight Show [Videos]

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On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC, Morgan Freeman inhaled helium and Kesha talked about religion, breaking into Prince’s house and being an Expert on Rising Star on ABC. Besides inhaling helium from red balloons, Freeman also talked about his latest movie, Lucy. Tweedy was the musical guest band. A video of Jimmy Fallon and Morgan Freeman inhaling the helium and speaking is below!

Morgan talked with Jimmy about taking up the hobby of bee keeping. He just got the bees two weeks ago from Arkedelphia, Arkansas. He is going to raise them and insisted that he was not going to get stung and said he never will wear a bee keeping suit. Fallon gave him a hard time about it, but it was pretty humorous.

Morgan said that Scarlett Johansson is also starring in Lucy, which opens on Friday, July 25. She plays the title character, Lucy, who has a drug sewn into her body that increases her ability to access much more of her brain than most people can. In the clip shown from Lucy, she was already over 80 percent when she calls up Morgan’s character and talks to him.

Lucy can already access certain areas of her brain by this point that she can turn electronic equipment off and on using her brain. Lucy looks, from the brief clip below, like it will be a pretty cool movie.

Jimmy Fallon talked with Morgan Freeman about his TV series, Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. Jimmy gets Morgan to inhale helium from red balloons to hear what his voice will sound like after he inhales the gas. Morgan sounded a bit like Papa Smurf but his voice was still lower than Fallon’s.

Kesha talked with Jimmy Fallon about getting a score of 1500 on her SATs, proving that she is smarter than some people think she is. Jimmy pause for a second, and said “I got a score of 1550.”

The Tik Tok singer decided that college was not for her, though she did take classes at Cornell University while she was in high school during the summers, because she was very interested in learning about the religions of the world. On Rising Star, she told host Josh Groban that she had formed a “Cat Cult.” While Kesha loves cats, of course they were just joking around, though he did give her a huge ball of yarn to play with on last Sunday’s Rising Star episode.

Then, after a commercial break, Kesha mentioned the time when she broke into Prince’s house and saw everything was covered in purple velvet. She added that “It was incredibly easy to break into his house.” She left a demo CD that she had made and then left his house.

After that, she talked about what Rising Star is all about. With a free downloadable Rising Star ABC app found at the iTunes store and Google Play, it is possible to vote for the contestant that sings the best. If the person gets 70 percent or more of America’s votes, he or she becomes a “Rising Star,” getting to move on to the next part of the season, the Duel Rounds. Those rounds are currently going on. Kesha added that “I’m working on new music. It’s ‘Super Top Secret’ and awesome.”

Fallon and Freeman inhaled on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, but it was not an illegal substance. They both sucked helium from red balloons for comedic effect. The movie opening on Friday, July 25, Lucy, looks like it will be another hit for Morgan Freeman. Kesha, who is an Expert on Rising Star on ABC, was also entertaining as usual. Tweedy rocked out, ending The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with one of their hits. Jon Hamm from Mad Men will be a guest tomorrow night.

Written By Douglas Cobb

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Fallon and Freeman Inhale Helium

Lucy Official Video Trailer

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