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The Bridge Episode Three: Sex and Death Continue (Recap/Review)

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The Bridge Episode Three: Sex and Death Continue (Recap/Review)

In episode three of The Bridge sex and death continue to be the main theme of the show. Sex has actually been responsible for the death of one character. The teenager Kyle, whose interest in Eleanor Naught ended very badly for the boy, paid the ultimate price for his “obsession.”

Sex is also going to displease Lt. Wade. Once he finds out that Jack Dobbs has not left town and is, in fact, still engaging in the act with Sonia, Wade may pay Dobbs another visit. It appears that Jack may be hanging around mostly to irritate Hank. The scene where Sonia and Dobbs are ending their second sex session, looks to be passionless and disconnected on Cross’ part.

When she says that the second time was not as good for her, it should not come as too much of a surprise for Dobbs. Eleanor Naught’s name is finally confirmed by the reluctant DEA agent, Joe McKenzie. He does not trust Marco Ruiz enough to release any further information.

It also turns out that this deadly cartel woman is a “shunned Mennonite.” This act of banishment from the religious community appears to have turned the woman into a murderer and compulsive tattoo collector.

It could explain the way she reacted to Kyle’s fascination about having sex with her after seeing her naked, and his consequent death because of it. Episode three of The Bridge follows Daniel and Adriana as well after they’ve discovered the body of the Raul’s lover. Steven is still on the warpath to discover who was responsible for what happened to Eva.

In terms of answers on The Bridge, Sonia and Marco follow Eleanor’s trail which they hope will lead them to Kyle’s body.

Ray and Cesar are robbed by bicycle bandits who decide to let the two live and face the music from Fausto. The men do not get along, Cesar despises the big-headed gringo who refers to his penis as “Ray-Ray.”

When the bike riding thieves stop the two and ask where the drugs are, Ray refuses to say, but Cesar reveals that the dope is in the horse’s *ss. The reaction of the bandit leader causes Cesar to tell him, disgustedly, that it was Ray’s decision.

Kyle’s friend Dex is visited by Eleanor who spares his life when he urinates himself in terror. After the nighttime visit, he wastes no time in going to the police and the terrified boy relates that the last thing Naught said was that Kyle is with the butterflies.

Raul is tracked down and murdered as he is the last link to his aunt and the cartel money she held. He asks his assassin not to shoot him in the face so that he may look beautiful in death.

The killer stabs him in the heart instead and as Raul lays dead in the floor with his blood forming a pool beside him, a cross appears in the crimson liquid. His murderer is understandably shaken by this and leaves quickly.

At the end of episode three of The Bridge the body of sex obsessed teen Kyle is found while the cartel death bringer Eleanor watches from afar. The body count for this series is rising dramatically as Marco and Sonia continue their investigation.

By Michael Smith




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