Marvel Comics: Switching Things Up


It would appear as though Marvel Comics has been making changes, switching things up on well known super heros, as of late. Apparently, the Big Three have been redesigned; Thor has made a gender-bend and has become female and Captain America is turning a new leaf on his ethnicity as he changes into an African American. Last but not least, Iron Man has been seen sporting a new suit called the “Superior Iron Man” suit.

According to some recent news articles, the reason behind these changes is centered around the new Avengers Now re-imagined organization of superheroes that is currently in the works at the comic studios. It has been stated that the Big Three (Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America) are going to be featured together in a few different, ongoing Marvel series as well as appearing in solo comic book series.

When news about the new female Thor hit media of all kinds, the reactions from fans were naturally divided. Some fans did not seem to mind the change in the least bit. In fact, many comments pointed out that a good number of people highly enjoyed the thought of a female Thor. On the other side of the coin, however, some fans of Marvel Comics let their rage fly from their fingers expressing their dislike of the gender swap in pointed comments and emails.

Thor, of course, is the Norse God of Thunder. He does not wield a sword, nor bow and arrow. Instead, his weapon of choice is a hammer. This hammer is called Mjolnir and only the God of Thunder can wield it.

In both mythology and Marvel comic books, Thor’s brother, Loki the Trickster, finds this out time and time again as he unsuccessfully tries to somehow obtain the hammer. However, as the story goes, only Thor can wield it. No amount of strength in the world, not even the unmatched strength of the Hulk, can lift Mjolnir.

Another superhero that Marvel has changed up is Captain America. The new version of Captain America will be an African American. Steve Rogers has been the wildly popular and recognizable face of this Marvel comic book character.

However, Marvel has updated this iconic superhero, as well. The new face of Captain America will be Sam Wilson, formerly known as The Falcon. Rogers had his super strength and vitality taken from him, leaving him with a cane in the place of his famous shield. Once again, the comments of fans range from some loving the decision by Marvel and other fans hating it.

The change made to Captain America, however, has not provoked the same type of extreme reaction that the new female Thor received. This change of making Captain America an African American seemed to be more acceptable, in general, to the comic book buying public.

Last on the list of changes or switches made involving Marvel superheroes is Iron Man and his brand-new “Superior Iron Man” suit. Looking at different photos, the suit appears to be completely silver. This new suit represents the new perspective on life that Tony Stark has gained. Apparently, he has some plans for the city which, in his eyes, are for the better. Some citizens of the city do not agree, but they do not seem to put up much of a fight against Iron Man. With this switching up of Marvel Comics‘ Big Three, many fans are wondering what superheroes Marvel might decide to change up next and how much their story lines are going to be affected by these changes.

By Isis E. Stevens

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