PlayStation Plus Free Games in August

PlayStation Plus Free Games in August

Gamers that have a current PlayStation Plus membership can look for some more free game downloads starting August 5th. The month of August will see a total of six free games across Sony’s consoles. Two game downloads will be free upon their initial release.

On August 5th, PlayStation 4 users can look forward to Road Not Taken. This game will be free the day it is released. Road Not Taken is a puzzle game featuring a story and gameplay surrounding randomly generated forest levels. As the levels are generated, the puzzles, characters, and objectives change as well. This will assure players a new experience each playthrough. Magic spells will help the player solve the forest puzzles and save the lost children within each level. Road Not Taken has yet to be released and no price has been set.

PlayStation 4 users can also look forward to Fez. Originally released in March, Fez is a throwback to classic pixelated platform games, but brings it forward to new graphical territory. As players control the main character, Gomez, they are able to change the view of the entire level 90 degrees at a time. This game mechanic allows the player to view platforms in a new way or see new platforms not previously visible. The pixel art style may look dated, yet its beauty comes in the form of perspective. Classic games looked like formed squares, while Fez will give players a peak around each corner not seen before. This not only brings a new art style variation, but also a new way to travel through a platform game. Users that download Fez on the PlayStation 4 also gain access to free downloads of the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions as well. Fez is usually priced at $12.99.

PlayStation 3 users can look forward to Crysis 3. Originally released in February of 2013, Crysis 3 brings everything a gamer would expect from a first-person-shooter and delivers it with polish. Gamers can expect great visuals and outstanding audio to shoot through a futuristic New York City. The main character, Prophet, wears a Nanosuit which can be upgraded. Nanosuit skill sets can also be changed during gameplay to optimize benefits needed to take on harder enemies during the campaign. Players can also play with friends and battle it out in various multiplayer versus modes. Crysis 3 is usually priced at $19.99.

PlayStation 3 users can also look forward to Proteus. Originally released in October, Proteus is less of a game and more of an experience. What will keep gamers from skipping this download is the depth of exploration to be had on this living island. As the player walks around the island, events are happening all around. The player can only interact with a few animals and the other events happen whether or not the player is around them. This is sure to keep players returning to see what they have missed. The square graphics lend a charming visual to the 3D graphics and convey a calming feeling. There are no goals or plot advancements, yet the pure artistic feel of events can suck the player in for hours. Users that download Proteus on the PlayStation 3 will also gain access to a free download of the PS Vita version as well. Proteus is usually priced at $13.99.

A PlayStation Plus membership this August will give access to a total of 10 different versions of six free games. Sony’s Cross-Buy feature is available for the games that are available as a free download. Once the game is in the user’s library, the other versions will become free as well.

PS Vita users can look forward to Metrico. This will be the second game to be released for the first time as a free download. Metrico is a platformer using gameplay that the developers have named ‘Input Morphing.’ Every few steps and every jump changes the world in different ways. The beginning of every level seems bare. As the player moves along, the levels form and introduce new platforms and obstacles. The challenge comes in finding out which movement triggers changes in the level. Smooth animation and tight controls ensure players enough of a chance to play with each morphing level. The minimalist graphics break away to busy level designs on the fly as challenges are built in front of the player’s eyes. Metrico has yet to be released and no price has been set.

PS Vita users can also look forward to Dragon’s Crown. Originally released in August of last year, this title is a side-scrolling fantasy game with inspiration from older arcade games. The storybook visuals showcase six different characters as they travel though dungeons and castles battling to the end where they fight large boss battles. The hack-and-slash game mechanics also branch off to special abilities that make each character different in their own way. Dragon’s Crown is meant to be played like a classic arcade game and multiplayer is a big factor in the game experience. Local and online multiplayer allow up to four players to fight together through each level and complete special missions. Cross-platform multiplayer has also been added so that PS Vita and PlayStation 3 users can play together. Also, the PS Vita and PS3 versions were developed to be identical, so game saves can be swapped between consoles and played. Users that download Dragon’s Crown on the PS Vita will also gain access to a free download of the PlayStation 3 version as well. Dragon’s Crown is usually priced at $19.99.

A PlayStation Plus membership is required to download these games for free in August. Users are able to add the free games to their library by going to the online store and adding the game to their cart and checking out. The game will then be added to their game library and can be downloaded later to their Sony console.

By Raul Hernandez


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