Refugees: Thousands Left Displaced by Heavy-Handed Kenyan Policies


Refugees by the thousands are left displaced by heavy-handed Kenyan policies. For two years, refugees from all over Kenya have been migrating near Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Many of the refugees now displaced in Kenya are Somalis, who were previously displaced from Somalia in 2007.

On July 5, many lives were lost due to hostility over domestic differences and led to violent raids sporadically around the region. Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said the one on-one violence of neighboring Somalis in Kenya was disheartening, after years of dwelling rather peacefully together along Kenya’s coastline.

Sources said during the deadly disputes, culprits unleashed their rage on innocent Somali women and shed the blood of Kenyans as well. Kenyan security officials said the increasing numbers of small children abandoned and left by roadsides is an example of the rising tensions between the two separate ethnic groups. International Human Rights groups have set up make shift shelters outside the hostile areas as a drop off point for young refugees, whose parents have been murdered.

Thousands of refugees were left displaced by heavy-handed Kenyan policies, after migrating to the coastline areas from Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia. While there is no other available placement solutions at this time, many people feel that the living conditions of the thousands of refugees are unsanitary,

Sources said President Kenyatta’s military are focusing on the possibilities that feuding refugees may become more organized. The Kenyan government has not yet put an end to the violent missions, although many of the staged raids and violent killings have been prevented by the presence of Kenyan Defense Forces, (KDF). Sources said although the KDF is a special police force, which specializes in countering terror, they are not acting like arresting officers.

The Kenyan Red Cross, (KRC), organization has remained on standby for over three weeks in response to the rising controversies among ethnic refugees. However, the Kenyan Red Cross is only providing food relief and emergency health to displaced refugees. KRC personnel said there is a sense of urgency surrounding of violence in Kenya that needs more than immediate food relief and medical attention. Sources also said after a violent flare up between ethnic rivals, small children and injured women are left displaced, dismembered and some even left for dead in the open terrain.

Representatives of the International Rescue Council, (IRC), said the need to intervene becomes even more necessary in the cases where children are involved in the physical disputes. IRC advocates also said although much of the violence originated from disputes among neighbors and domestic situations, it is imperative that the victims are protected.

The Somali refugees, whose temporary housings developments sits near coastal outlets, are at odds over many domestic differences. It is very difficult to determine the exact cause of the violent incidents that are sprouting all around the coastal areas. Some people believe the Kenyan police squadrons are responsible for many recent ambush attacks on the Somali refugees in Kenya. Yet, other sources said the severe drought along the coastline is the reason for hundreds of domestic disputes that ends in deadly violence.

Very recently, oppositional leader Raila Odinga announced his plans to stage a public rally on Monday, as Kenya begins preparing for the next presidential elections. A team of U.S. advisers and international peacekeepers have already arrived in Nairobi to assess the growing tensions in the area. Odinga said he would go up against President Kenyatta for the second time and win, with multitudes of supporters backing him, because of Kenyatta’s lack of sensitivity to the plight of Kenyan refugees. He said refugees by the thousands are all left displaced by heavy-handed Kenyan policies.

By Kimakra Nealy

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Michigan Citizen
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  1. Elsewhereism   July 7, 2014 at 12:24 pm

    There are growing numbers of LGBT refugees fleeing to Kenya, mainly from Uganda in the wake of Museveni’s persecution of the gay community. And they face violence and repression in the refugee camps. The situation for all refugees in Kenya is terrible, but we shouldn’t forget particular groups with particular vulnerabilities. See


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