Republicans Vote to Sue Obama


Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives have come to a consensus to vote to sue President Obama over his healthcare law. The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, has riled up far-right Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives since its original proposal and signing in 2010. House Republicans have retaliated by accusing Obama of exceeding his boundaries through having signed his original signature piece of legislation into law.

In a 225-201 vote in the House on Wednesday, Republicans made the authorization to allow House lawyers to create legal documentation for the lawsuit. This is expected to span the five weeks of a summer recess beginning on Friday.

Resulting from the lawsuit, it is expected that both Democrats and Republicans will each launch months of cross-party campaign slashing before the upcoming November midterm elections. The elections this year will determine the political landscape of Congress for the following year.

House Republicans, citing the allegations against President Obama in their attempts to sue, stated that he overstepped his legal boundaries as president by making autonomous alterations in the Affordable Care Act without a congressional vote on the matter. Thus, Republicans have argued that by initiating these changes in Obamacare, Obama violated the U.S. Constitution.

Republican Representative Pete Sessions from Texas made the statement that the root reason explaining why Congressional Republicans have all earnestly focused on this particular piece of legislation since its inception originally stems from the fact that it is “the option most likely to clear the legal hurdles necessary to succeed.” In other terms, other attempts to attack Obama’s other executive orders have utterly failed, and Republicans have since seen Obamacare as an easy initiative to legally battle. While Republicans have made past attempts at preventing Obama from initiating executive orders concerning issues such as same-sex marriage and immigration reform, the entire party has drawn its focus on blaming President Obama for having skipped consulting Congress before making adjustments to his healthcare law.

However, Democrats have unanimously shot down the proposed lawsuit as being extremely “politically motivated,” while other members of Congress have stated that suing Obama is a waste of taxpayer money. Congressional Democrats have also accused the Republicans in Congress of having failed to resolve or act upon a number of other, more pressing matters. Many members, such as Texas Democratic Representative Sheila Jack-Lee, have addressed the lawsuit as a “veiled attempt at impeaching the president.”

President Obama, while in Kansas City, Mo., addressed the issue blatantly, stating that Republicans need to “Stop being mad…stop hating all the time.” He went on to state that while Republicans are focused on this lawsuit, they are wasting time, money, and are ultimately not helping the American people. While at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City, Obama focused mostly on his specific propositions to stimulate the economy.

As House Republicans have come to a vote to sue President Obama over the Affordable Care Act, Democrats on the other hand, including other members of Congress, continue their protest of the lawsuit. Questioning the lawsuit’s legality, Democrats and voters have spread their message throughout social media, while Republicans remain steadfast in their approach.

By Scott Gaudinier

NBC News
Washington Post
Chicago Tribune

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  1. steveVa55   August 5, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    Just another way the Republicans are wasting taxpayers money. The other is being a “Do Nothing Congress”. Think more about your constituents and the struggles they are having to deal with and stop acting like “little Children”.


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