Ridiculousness in Its Fifth Season on MTV and Is Better Than Ever


There are many shows that use video’s of others epic fails to get the ratings, but Ridiculousness on MTV is looking to have another epic season that will be better than ever. One thing that may set this video show apart is the host, Rob Dyrdek, who has a knack for commentating and is sometimes funnier than the video’s themselves. Ridiculousness is not America’s Funniest Home Video’s and is not for the children in the house. It is a grown up video show that often uses course language and shows video’s that the other shows can not.

Dyrdek has had other shows, but Ridiculousness is by far the best. The show first aired in 2011 with its skateboarding host, who along with rapper, Chanel West Coast, and Sterling “Steelo” Brim, who seem to have a good time, and can get the fans talking. Even more fun is some of the amazing guest stars they get on the show, everyone from amazing skateboarders to today’s hottest stars on TV have made appearances. Unlike other shows in this genre, MTV and the producers of this show do not take video submissions from viewers, and, in fact, make it clear that they will not view any submissions. The mission of Ridiculousness is to show the hottest viral video’s from around the web. A Fan favorite segment is when Dyrdek searches two words on the internet and asks the lovely Chanel to guess what he found.

MTVChanel is a singer, songwriter, rapper whose laugh has caused much controversy with the shows fans. She started out as Dyrdek’s secretary on his MTV show Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory which ended up with her as one of the main characters, bringing her to the attention of the fans for the first time. She has had a short-lived acting career and ended up as a co-host on Ridiculousness. The rapper has a host of pictures out there where it seems clothing is optional, and yet many have never heard her sing or rap. She is, however, readily recognizable as the not so smart, and mostly quiet co-host of the MTV hit show. She sits on the couch and lets the boys pick on her with good humor, and seems to love the multi-colored locks she repeatedly sports on the show.

MTVBrim is the creative producer and in charge of the video’s during the show, he tends to pick up on things in the video’s that no one else notices and it adds to the hilarity and antics that shown in each episode. Before becoming co-host of Ridiculousness Brim had a small part in the film Hardball, and was working in radio when he met Dyrdek and became an integral part of the show. The talented young Brim grew up in Chicago, and seems to have an impeccable work ethic. The combination of the three seems to work, and the fans love them, and this season is proving to be no exception. Ridiculousness has taken a professional skateboarder, a rapper, and radio personality and turned it into one epic new season of MTV’s hit show that will keep the fans coming back for more.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska


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