Robin Williams Enters Into Rehab

Robin Williams Enters Into Rehab

Comedian Robin Williams, who starred in the short-lived CBS series The Crazy Ones, has entered into rehab once again, according to, The Hollywood, and several other sources. Williams, 62, has reportedly voluntarily checked himself into Hazelden’s Dan Anderson Renewal Center in Center City, Minnesota. The last time he admitted himself into rehab was in 2006, for alcoholism.

The star of Mork and Mindy and Mrs. Doubtfire has admitted checking into rehab in the past for drug usage. He has joked in his comedy routines about his previous battles combating his addiction to cocaine in the 70s and 80s. However, a rep of the comedian told The Hollywood Reporter that his entering himself into rehab has nothing to do with any current issue Williams has with drink or drugs. Rather, it is the comedian’s way of renewing his commitment to continued sobriety, and it is a place he can go to for a little bit of rest and relaxation.

When a rep for Robin Williams recently spoke to a reporter from, he said “Robin is simply taking the opportunity to fine-tune and focus on his continued commitment.”

Robin Williams has been involved with a lot of projects lately, such as starring in The Crazy Ones (CBS) along with his co-star, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar. It was cancelled in May, after only being on TV for one season.

He is also signed to reprise his role as a father who decides to cross-dress to get a job as a nanny in his ex-wife’s residence so that he can be around his children more in the 1993 comedy flick Mrs. Doubtfire. Right now, as he is between projects, Williams reportedly felt it was an ideal time in which he could renew his continued commitment to being alcohol and drug-free.

Robin Williams, who has also starred in many other movies, like Good Morning Vietnam, Patch Adams and Night At The Museum, has reportedly voluntarily entered himself into the rehab and renewal facility. He plans on staying there for probably only one to two week, though some sources have mentioned he might be there “several weeks.” His rep stated “This is his version of a retreat.”

A couple of factors influenced Robin Williams to give up his use of cocaine. One of them was that his first wife, Valerie, was pregnant and was expecting the birth of their son, Zachary, who is now 31. Also, Williams has stated that he was influenced by the death of his friend, comedian John Belushi, from drugs.

According to Williams, the death of John Belushi “scared a whole group of show-business people.” Belushi’s untimely death because of a drug overdose, combined with his desire to be a good father to his children, caused Williams to realize that he did not want to “live that sort of life.” The comedian also has two children, Zelda (24) and Cody (22) with his second wife, Marsha Garces.

Though Robin Williams has been open to talking about his overindulgence in alcohol and cocaine in the past on talk shows, in interviews, and in his comedy routines, when he recently entered himself into rehab at Hazelden’s Dan Anderson Renewal Center in Minnesota, the reason was reportedly much tamer. Williams simply wanted to get away from the daily grind as well as renew his commitment to stay off of drugs and away from alcohol.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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