The Walking Dead AMC Dead White and Blue July Fourth Marathon (UPDATE)

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The Walking Dead AMC Dead White and Blue July Fourth Marathon

It is that time of year again, AMC are having another Fourth of July The Walking Dead marathon and this year it has the very catchy title of Dead White and Blue. This event, which is rapidly becoming an institution of sorts on the network, allows TWD fans the chance to watch every single episode of the show since it began. (UPDATE) It has been pointed out that Aisha Tyler, not Taylor will be a guest on Talking Dead and that she does not play Sasha on the show. We apologise for any confusion this may have caused.

This three day non-stop re-airing of all the zombie themed episodes will finish with a very special Talking Dead season 5 preview with host Chris Hardwick, showrunner Scott Gimple and Aisha Taylor, aka Sasha on The Walking Dead.

AMC are so stoked for this three day event that they have sent out tips for loyal followers of this apocalyptic series who want to make the most of this Independence Day weekend special event. Fans who subscribe to the network’s weekly “info-mail” have gotten 10 tips from AMC on how to prepare for this weekend of all things zombie.

Amongst the many things that the network suggests doing to get ready for the three day event, one is to test your knowledge about The Walking Dead verse by taking the many quizzes available for fans online. Another is to “dead yourself” using the AMC application. Of course these are only two of the 10 ways that the network suggests what fans can do to get ready for this huge event.

AMC’s Dead White and Blue July Fourth marathon of The Walking Dead could be considered a tradition. Last year the network had a similar marathon and no doubt there will be one next year, especially since another season is almost here.

It isn’t all about the fans though, it is also about the money, since AMC also recommend that those who love the show should head over to the and get some specialized gear to watch the marathon in. Fans should hurry as the Fourth of July is rapidly approaching.

Perhaps the best thing about this three day immersion in the world of The Walking Dead, is getting the chance to see the highs and lows of each prior season. Although some fans may want to avoid the episodes that really hurt. Hershel’s death at the hand of The Governor or the shocking episode from season four, The Grove may be too painful for some to relive.

Still, while celebrating the USA’s freedom with fireworks, barbecues and parties, taking time out to see Michonne slice and dice zombies or to watch Daryl do his crossbow thing is the perfect break from too many bottle rockets and catherine wheels.

This massive viewing experience also allows fans the chance to watch the their favorite naughty members of The Walking Dead verse. It is impossible to mention Daryl and not think about his older brother, Merle. The older Dixon spent most of his time in the show being a real stinker, but his attempt at redemption was pretty awesome viewing.

The Walking Dead AMC Dead White and Blue Fourth of July marathon will be a lot like last year’s three day watch till you drop session. Although one major difference is that one more season has been added to the mix. Those who manage to make it through all four seasons will be rewarded with the Talking Dead preview. The marathon begins on July 4 at 9:00 a.m. with the first episode of season one, Days Gone Bye.

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