Heroes of Cosplay New Orleans Wizard World Part Two

*Contains Spoilers*

Heroes of Cosplay New Orleans Wizard World Part Two

The season finale of Heroes of Cosplay took place at the New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con and this two part episode finished with group competitions at the Louisiana venue. Last week’s show in part one featured the guys in this world of competitive cosplay. This week was all about girl power.

Team Soulcalibur IV, which consisted of Rikki, Katie, and Indra worked right up until the very last minute to get their costumes sorted. Katie kept the pressure up by telling the other two in the group that they should be prepared to go on stage without her.

Another bone of contention between the three women was Katie’s automatic dismissal of the skit requirement at the New Orleans venue. The other team of women had a different sort of pressure dealing with the skit. Jessica, Holly and Chloe decided to do a run through of their performance outside in the rain. Jessica is the driving force in this group with her demand for perfection.

Pressure of another sort was plaguing Yaya Han who was presenting the group portion of the cosplay contest. Her decision to portray the Banshee Queen Enira from the MMORPG game Lineage 2, was causing her real problems. The costume had so many pieces to it that Yaya had to perform emergency surgery on the outfit. Removing tassels and other extraneous bits gave Han the time needed to regain her confidence with her costume choice.

Yaya’s practice with the stilts required for the Enira outfit seems to have paid off as before the show she posed with apparent ease for the photographers with nary a sign of stumbling or unsteadiness in evidence. The season finale of Heroes of Cosplay, part two of the New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con, dealt with more folks than just Yaya, Rikki, Katie and Indra. Jessica, Chloe and Holly still needed to get ready, despite their last minute skit rehearsal.

Team Peter Pan’s Labyrinth had their own issues with costumes and props. Holly was having real difficulty with her “weird eyes” contacts. Clearly they are not built for comfort and Holly revealed that it felt like she was putting “bees in her eyes.” Chloe told the Captain Hook cosplayer that the sensation would ease off the longer the contacts were in. Jessica emphasised that her business partner did not need to keep the contacts in if they were causing that much pain and discomfort.

Just as Jessica is a perfectionist in the area of the skit, Holly is the same about her costume. It was her opinion that Captain Hook would not look right without the “weirdly scary eyes.” The two groups then joined the queue to the stage. Rikki and Indra were still waiting for Katie to show up and Jessica, Holly and Chloe used their time in the line to polish up their skit.

Chloe was concerned that without a great skit no one would know who they were meant to be. Katie showed up at the last possible moment to join Team Soulcalibur IV and despite not having a skit prepared, which still bothered Indra, the three went onstage and the audience’s reaction was very, very good.

Team Peter Pan’s Labyrinth were the last group to go in front of the audience and the judges. Chloe was shaking before their group’s entrance but when she and Jessica began the skit the audience appeared to be transfixed. Once the two got on the bed and broke out the oars the crowd began to applaud. When Holly came on as Captain Hook, there was cheering as well.

By the end of the Heroes of Cosplay two part season finale at the New Orleans Wizard World Comic con, no one went home empty handed. Both the girl groups, Team Soulcalibur IV and Team Peter Pan’s Labyrinth won awards with Jessica, Holly and Chloe taking home the top prize. This was a fitting end to season one and the show itself is fascinating enough, and the cast entertaining enough that it is fervently hoped that it comes back for another season. Hopefully SyFy will put these creative and likeable folks back on the small screen.

By Michael Smith


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